• 8MP USB 3.0

    8mp Camera modules IP by Pathpartner Industries which involve production and manufacturing in varied sectors such as food, automotive, agricultural, medical, textile and packaging are achieving higher production rates by automating manual processes such as scanning, identification and counting using machine vision cameras. PathPartner’s USB3.0 machine vision camera is a plug and play device compliant with current Machine Vision standards. It is designed for low light performance and features a global shutter for accurate capture of moving scenes. Note: Also available with USB3 Vision support. Contact us for further information at sales@pathpartnertech.com


    PPMV Player which is a host application with RAW to YUV conversion algorithm

    Platform Availability

    OS: Windows 7, Windows XP (with Service Pack 2), Linux * Hardware: PathPartner’s USB 3.0 Machine Vision Camera Module   * indicates under development. $189.00
  • 5MP USB 3.0

    8mp Camera modules IP by Pathpartner 5 MP Autofocus HD USB 3.0 Camera Module is based on OV5640 CMOS image sensor from OmniVision and is fully compliant with USB Video Class (UVC) 1.0 standard and USB Audio Class (UAC) 1.0 standard. OV5640 provides full functionality of complete camera including anti-shake technology, AF Control, integrated JPEG compression engine and automatic image control functions and outputs the data in high-speed dual lane MIPI interface. It is also compatible with Jetson TX1/TX2. $169.00
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