Smart Parking Solution using LoRaWAN

Hunting for a parking space has become a prime issue in urban areas. Alongside causing unnecessary traffic congestion, unavailability or unawareness of parking spaces has a major repercussion on fuel wastage.

As a solution to curb this issue impacting nearly every major city of the world, a number of enterprises have already deployed or are in the process of deploying an efficient IoT based smart parking system in their premise. Through such systems, the drivers looking for a parking space in the vicinity would be notified of any vacant spot.

LoRaWAN, which is designed to enable devices with power limitations to connect with internet-powered applications over long-range wireless connections is a preferred choice for a Smart Parking Solution, because of the following reasons –

  • It provides a long-range of 10-30 kms.
  • It consumes low-power with a battery lifetime of 15-20 years.
  • It can support millions of messages per gateway.
  • It provides privacy protection against intrusion due to usage of AES-128 algorithm.
  • It doesn’t require GPS for tracking applications.

This video showcases, PathPartner’s Smart Parking Solution using LoRaWAN, demonstrating a working demo and technical specifications.

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