RTLS in Retail

Improve your customer experience, optimize routine operations and effectively target marketing activities with our RTLS Reference Solution.

We provide ready-to-use RTLS reference solutions and build custom positioning solutions as per your requirements.

Our RTLS reference solution is built on Decawave’s DW1000, which is based on highly precise UWB technology and uses TDoA for positioning.

For more details – https://pathpartnerms.wpengine.com/products/rtls-solution/

Salient features of our solution include –

  • Battery-powered Tags
  • Accuracy of 30 centimeters
  • Both Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections for the Anchors
  • Option to choose between a short-range and a long-range tag
  • Managing a large store entails the need for a certain level of automation when it comes to traffic monitoring and resource optimization.

So, in which areas of retail can our RTLS reference solution be used?

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