PathPartner Solution for Face Recognition

Face recognition has numerous applications from phone unlock to smart attendance for an organization. The Facial Recognition System has come a long way. Its usage is crucial in quite a few applications, for instance – photo retrieval, surveillance, authentication/access control systems, etc.  Face recognition generally is built using a deep learning module, which is then trained on a diverse set of databases. Pathpartner offers Facer recognition modules for applications across Automotive, IoT, Smart cities and more. Some of the challenges with facial recognition systems are listed below:

  • Illumination
  • Background
  • Pose
  • Occlusion
  • Expression
  • Complexity

This video demonstrated PathPartner’s CNN based Face recognition system on embedded platforms. The versatility of the PathPartner’s face recognition can be seen in the video wherein multiple users are identified even after a change in position and movement.

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