PathPartner Driver Monitoring Solution on Qualcomm SA8155 using ON Semi AR0234 Image Sensor

Driver Monitoring Solution is one of the driver aide systems that helps in fighting driver drowsiness and distracted driving. Distracted driving is one of the major reasons for fatality in road accidents. In this video we demonstrate PathPartner’s advanced Driver Monitoring System on Qualcomm 8155ADP platform and ON Semi AR0234 camera sensor. PathPartner’s Driver Monitoring Solution uses a combination of facial recognition and deep learning models across 28 facial landmarks to perform real time analysis of driver distraction and driver in-attention. PathPartner’s Driver Monitoring Solution can be used for in-cabin driver safety and fleet management.

Features of PathPartner Driver Monitoring Solution are-

  • Driver Emotion Estimation- Anger, Fear, Sad, Surprise, Disgust and Happy
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection- Close eye detector, Head nodding detector and Yawn detector
  • Driver Distraction Alert- Looking away alert and Gaze assisted exceptions
  • Drowsiness Predictor- Blink assisted fatigue detector, Yawn and blink count regressor and Slow blink classifier
  • Driver Identification- Single image registration, Age group identification and Gender classification
  • Driver Action Classification- Action specific event trigger, Identifying talking, laughing, drinking, texting and eating
  • In-Cabin Occupancy- Efficient face count
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