PathPartner Driver Monitoring Solution on QCS 605

PathPartner Driver Monitoring solution uses a state-of-the art CNN model for advanced facial recognition and for driver behaviour monitoring. This video demonstrates various features of PathPartner DMS such as-

  • Driver Identification – Single Image Registration, Age Group Identification and Gender Classification
  • Driver Distraction Alert – Looking away alert and Gaze assisted exceptions
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection – Closed Eye detector, Head Nodding detector and Yawn detector
  • Driver Emotion Estimation- Anger, Fear, Sadness, Surprise, Disgust, and happiness
  • Drowsiness Predictor- Blink assisted fatigue detector, Yawn and Blink count regressor and Slow Blink classifier
  • Driver Action Classification- Action specific event trigger, identifies talking, laughing, drinking, texting and eating
  • In-Cabin Occupancy – Efficient face count
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