PathPartner Automotive mmWave Radar SDK Demonstration

This video demonstrates PathPartner Radar SDK capabilities on a Texas Instruments automotive radar sensor.

The first part of the video is a technology demonstration showcasing:

  • Exceptional range accuracy –
    • Single pedestrian detection up to 35m
    • Object detection up to 80m.
  • Angle accuracy –
    • Clear distinguishing of close objects

The second part of the video demonstrates a few use cases-

  • Back-over Prevention
  • Roll-over Prevention
  • Power Door
  • Parking Assist
  • Pedestrians and Vehicles Classification

Radar is seeing a lot of adoption in automotive applications, thanks to availability of low cost, automotive grade radar sensors from leading semiconductor manufacturers. But along with the sensor platform, device makers need a reliable and highly accurate radar SDK to make the best use of the radar sensor. PathPartner provides radar SDK for various use-cases in the automotive domain. Some of the features of PathPartner Radar SDK are:

  • Delivers high angle accuracy and resolution performance across use-cases
  • Extremely modular, can be easily integrated with custom algorithms
  • Runs real time for a variety of use cases
  • Well defined APIs for seamless integration with other sensors
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