Object Detection using TI’s 3D ToF sensor

A 3D ToF camera emits a modulated IR signal and observes the reflected light. The phase shift between the emitted and the received light can then be translated to distance. While the phase shift is used to calculate the distance, the amplitude of the light received can also be used to weight the distance measurement. The 3D ToF sensor captures an array of pixels by mapping the information in a 2D array and adding the distance as a third dimension; this allows a device to have robust scene recognition and feature extraction. Our application obtains point cloud data from a TOF sensor and checks for the number of voxels (3D pixels) that are closer than a set threshold distance (0.3m). This can be extended to Scene Recognition, Object Avoidance, Gesture Recognition and more. This demo showcases a Turtlebot robot equipped with TI’s ToF sensor. The robot avoids any object present on its way by moving right or left based on the position of the object. The Turtlebot3 is equipped with RaspberryPi and Open CR. It is connected to the 3D ToF Sensor via USB. We provide end-to-end product engineering services and minimize your time to market. Our services include: – Hardware Design – Firmware Development – Application Development – System Optimization – Algorithm Development – Consultation Services Explore our other IoT services – https://pathpartnerms.wpengine.com/industries/internet-of-things/

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