Radar based blind spot detection for passenger and commercial vehicles

Blind spots are areas surrounding the vehicle which are not captured by rear-view mirrors. While there is no ideal position for the mirror or driver’s seat which would eliminate this blind spot, many accidents can be attributed to manual error. As a result, an automatic warning sign/ indicator to alert the driver about any object or other vehicle in the blind spot becomes a major requirement for enhancing safety.

This video demonstrates the real-world application of Blind Spot Monitoring using PathPartner Radar SDK with Texas Instruments AWR sensor.

PathPartner provides radar algorithms for blind spot detection applications in the automotive domain. Some of the features of PathPartner Radar SDK are: –

  • Delivers high angle accuracy and resolution performance across use-cases
  • Extremely modular can be easily integrated with custom algorithms
  • Runs real time at 30fps for variety of use cases
  • Well defined APIs for seamless integration with other sensors
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