Vice President of R&D at PathPartner Shares Valuable Insight about the Company

Date: June 1, 2017

Author: PathPartnerTech

Vinay MK, Vice President - R&D

PathPartner has been ever nimble to understand the trends in technology space and this has consistently shaped our business as we stride along as an organization. This was the driving factor for us to change our vision statement from “Embedded Multimedia” to “Intelligent systems” exactly three years back!!!
Pervasive computing in the form of “Internet of Things” is witnessing an explosive growth. Complete depletion of 4.3Bn IPv4 addresses and eventual use of IPv6 is one such testimony to the rapid strides that IoT has accomplished. Coupled with a strong background in designing embedded systems, PathPartner made its foray into the IoT space and this was evidenced as PathPartner changed its vision to be “The technology enabler for makers of intelligent systems”. Intelligent systems spawn the entire gamut of Machine-to-machine communication, connected & secure network and analytical decisions on the edge. Healthcare, Industrial, Automotive, Retail and Surveillance have been the top-5 major markets for intelligent systems. Incidentally PathPartner has had a strong presence in Surveillance systems owing to its history in computer vision algorithms. PathPartner has consciously invested in competencies for developing complete systems in Retail, Automotive and Healthcare.
Fruition of these investments was seen in the milestones we have achieved:
  • In 2014, PathPartner worked on design and deployment (in association with a partner) of smart Bluetooth thermal printer for the retail world.
  • In 2015, we worked closely with an automotive tier-1 to enable deployment of their IVI system.
  • In 2016, we made great strides in completing a medical device design with great successes in cadaver tests.
We continue to make investments in imaging, deep learning and ADAS areas for future growth.
As we move from resource constrained, stand-alone and single function embedded devices to smart, secure, connected intelligent systems; PathPartner has made and will continue to invest in areas of Sensors, Security, Connectivity, Cloud and Analytics. As we leverage our traditional connections with semiconductor companies, we continue to learn from our university out-reach programs. We accrue tremendous experience by engaging with start-ups. Coupled with our immense strength from the team’s penchant for signal processing and systems, PathPartner has emerged as a one-stop technology powerhouse that can realize smart applications in this connected world.

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