Three Reasons Why Driver Monitoring Solution Is A Must For Fleets

Date: September 7, 2020

Author: Anchal Pandey

Chasing scenes in action movies are the best!

Car Chase

Watching the protagonist chase a villain on a highway at high speed might give us the adrenaline rush, but it is not good for a fleet. If you want your fleet to be efficient, then the first step is to ensure that the drivers are not engaging in such risky behavior and are completely focused on what they should.

But how can you monitor the driver’s behavior while being miles away from them?

By using Driver Monitoring System.

Should you consider it for your fleet? How can you use it to increase your productivity?

There is a reason why many fleets decide to install driver monitoring system in the vehicles. Driver monitoring system is mandated by law. Therefore, companies have to make sure that the drivers are complying with working hours legislation.

Euro NCAP has already addressed the need for driver and vehicle protection by making driver monitoring system a standard safety feature.

In the US, SAFE Act requires the Department of Transportation to analyse how driver monitoring systems can prevent distraction, driver engagement, automation complacency and the foreseeable misuse of advanced driver assistance systems. It is expected to make rules to mandate the installation of driver monitoring systems in the vehicles based on study’s results.

This is not it. There are more reasons to install this must-have technology.

Enhances Safety

Driving is dangerous. But poor driving is even more!

By using the data from driver monitoring solution, managers can carefully point out the weak spots of the driver. They can further implement training sessions to improve driving behavior. Driver monitoring encourages safe driving habits and alerts the driver if they are not attentive towards driving.

Distracted driver

Fig 2. Driver Distraction can cause accidents

Moreover, drivers tend to drive better if they know that they are being monitored. This helps in maintaining the safety of the driver and the vehicle.


Reduced Insurance Costs

According to NHTSA, Each day in the United States, approximately 9 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes that involve a distracted driver.

Driver monitoring can help avoid such accidents by detecting drowsy and distracted drivers and leads to huge savings! Better fleet and driver utilization can help in fulfilling customer demands and thus improve your services.  Harsh braking and sudden acceleration can cause wear and tear on vehicles.

Safe driving can help the machine last longer and reduce fuel cost, consequent cargo loss, insurance rate and premiums. DMS can help you identify the driers who cause the most wear and tear and the data can be used to correct their driving behavior.

A team of good drivers is always helpful in reducing operating expenses.

Review Driver performance

By looking at the driver’s previous performance, the management can check where the driver was driving safely, which can be awarded and where the driver was showing unsafe driving behavior that can be trained. Driving events captured in the video can be helpful in highlighting unsafe events.

Analysis of driver behaviour

Fig 3. Driver Behavioral Analysis can improve fleet efficiency

This information can be used to decide what works for your driving program and what doesn’t.

It can lead to lesser collision, efficient driver behavior and higher fleet productivity. There is a scarcity of good drivers in the industry. With better training and appreciation, drivers will enjoy their work more and stick to the company for a longer duration. Fortunately, we already have such a product.

PathPartner DMS can also be used to check if the collisions were not caused by your driver and avoid false insurance claims. If you want to know more about PathPartner Driver Monitoring System then send us a mail on

Good driving behavior can improve the business reputation.

Real-time alerts

This gives driver-related information in real-time so that you are aware of what is going on in the vehicles. This way, you stay updated every step of the way!


Here is how you can take care of your company’s two most important assets i.e. drivers and vehicles. You can easily use driver monitoring system for the wellbeing of the driver and improve driver retention rate. Should you opt for it or not? The choice is yours.

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