The Future of Audio Systems.

Date: December 16, 2021

Author: vineet

“If I go to a nightclub, even if the music is good, if the sound system is not, I don’t stay.”

_ Eric Ripert

Music is a major focus in today’s world. Day by day the demand for personalized audio experiences is rising, so the audio system companies are investing in newer technologies to keep up with the expectations of the customers. Advancement in audio technologies aims to deliver a richer and high-quality experience that is more natural for people as it closely imitates the sound we hear in real life. Futuristic audio systems include 3D – 8D audio. So, what exactly is 3D audio? 3D audio refers to a set of special sound effects that control the sound generated by stereo speakers, headphones, and other audio devices. How 3D audio works are that the sound sources are placed in such patterns or dimensions, including above, behind, or below the listener that the sound seems unreal. Similarly, by frequently placing the sound placements in different dimensions the sound is converted into 4D, 5D, etc.

Difference between ‘Surround sound’ and ‘3D sound’.

So, let’s first understand what surround sound means? A surround sound is a sound in which the audio can be heard from four directions- right, left, front, and back. A surround sound mainly involves six speakers arranged in a specific manner. One of the advantages of a surround system is that it provides a mesmerizing experience compared to a dual speaker sound system. The drawback of surround sound is that a person can hear sound all around him but never above or below him. Now let’s get back to 3D audio. In 3D audio, the sounds are virtually sorted anywhere around the listener in a three-dimensional space. So, the major difference between surround sound and 3D sound is that in surround sound the sound is received from only four directions whereas in 3D audio the listener can hear the sound from every direction including above and below.

Applications of 3D audio.

Some of the places where 3D audio is used are as follows:-
  • Headphones
  • VR/AR
  • Smart Speakers
  • Video games
  • Dolby Atmos
3D Audio headphones accessories to the gaming consoles like Ps5 which are more likely to progress in the upcoming years. The number of gamers is rising day by day leading to an enhancement of headphones and other gaming accessories. While playing games of the shooting genre 3D audio will be very beneficial to the gamers. VR/AR is a perfect example of futuristic devices. VR/AR stands for “Virtual reality” and “Augmented reality”. In virtual reality, the vision of the user is completely controlled in order to create a virtual ambiance or a feeling that the person is standing somewhere else. These devices consist of LCD and LED panels which are diverged by the lenses to fill the view with whatever has been displayed. These devices don’t just detect the direction in which a person is facing, but also capture the slightest movement occurring in that direction. In such devices, 3D audio is used to make the vibe more realistic. Similarly, in AR or augmented reality 3D is used but AR devices let you see everything in front of you. The augmented reality device with a 3D audio system helps provide alerts and informational cues in such a way that it shows the specific location of the user’s environment. In a comparison between AR and VR devices, AR has a lot of distinctive disadvantages in the fields of audio and visual immersion. Therefore, they are both powerful inventions leading towards the future of technology. Smart Speakers – Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are the best examples of smart speakers. In today’s markets, portable smart speakers are easily available. These are very compact and small-shaped speakers capable of setting alarms, playing music, or common interaction. These speakers make a very good kitchen or bedroom companion. The charging capacity of such speakers ranges up to ten hours of listening on a full charge. Dolby AtmosDolby Atmos is the latest surround audio technology that has marked its place in the evolution of audio technology. With the introduction of Dolby Atmos home cinemas have become more impressive. Apart from home cinema, it also packs itself with video streaming services, television, and Av receivers. It has also entered the field of generating music tracks. Soon Dolby Atmos is going to be a great part of the cinema experience.

What is 360 reality audio?

The 360 reality audio is one of the latest additions to futuristic audio systems. It provides an unreal and immersive music experience. Sony’s latest 360 3D sound technology is used in 360 reality audio. In this audio system, the music surrounds and captivates the listeners with different sounds from various points all over the head. This system works on headphones as well as on speakers. Talking about the functioning of the 360 reality audio, it uses a spatial sound field or 3D by creating several virtual speakers which are audible in front, back, above, and below the listener in a legit 360 space.

Introduction of 8D audio

After the launch of 3D audio, gradually music started coming out in 4D up to 8D versions. 8D audio is a kind of audio that makes the listener feel as if they are in some other dimension. Listening to an 8D audio track is a pretty awesome experience. The main purpose of this audio is to trick the brain into thinking that the listener is in a bigger space. Nowadays 8D music tracks can be found in several music albums on Youtube and other such platforms. It is easily accessible and day by day lots of people are getting to know about such kinds of music. This is the reason why 8D is referred to as the “Track of the Future”.


The audio industry is considered to be an ever-evolving industry and to meet its demands the audio engineers will have to carry on working on their creative and innovative skills. Compared to the earlier days, the audio industry has advanced a lot and will evolve in the future. The good news is that day by day the number of people listening to music is increasing and in today’s world listening to audio also includes gaming, videos, and movies. This is why the major focus of the audio industry is to enhance the sound quality to satisfy the customers.


  • How is technology going to affect the audio system?
The audio systems of the future will be more advanced packed with different features which will majorly focus on the quality of the audio. Apart from that, these systems will be more user-friendly compared to the present audio systems.
  • What are some of the new developments in sound?
As mentioned in the above blog, some of the latest developments include smart headphones, 360 reality audio, 3d audio VR/AR devices, etc.
  • Which is better- 3D audio or Surround sound?
The only reason as to why the 3D audio has a slighter edge over surround sound is that in surround sound, the sound is perceived only from four or so directions whereas in 3D audio sound is perceived from all directions. Also, the 3D audio helps the listener to accurately spot the directional sound.
  • Does surround sound help in making music sound better?
The surround sound system was made in such a manner that it could create all encircling sound fields. This provides surround sound with better ambient quality as compared to stereo.
  • Is the 360 reality audio worth it?
The customer's review of the 360 reality audio is pretty impressive. A lot of comments prove that the 360 reality audio is a highly recommended product.

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