Which use-case are you looking for?

Elderly/Baby Care

Fall Detection, Vital Signs Monitoring, Motion Detection

Pet Monitoring

Activity Tracking, Location History, Pet Care, Geofencing

Home Monitoring

Smart Alarm, Smart Security System, Smart Detection

Livestock Monitoring

Animal Health Monitoring, Location Data, Activity Monitoring

Our Service Offerings for the above mentioned use-cases

Hardware Design

High speed board designs incorporating NXP processors and sensors.

Firmware Development

BSP development,
device driver development, camera quality tuning and sensors.

Application Development

Cloud integration, UI/UX development OTA firmware updates.

System Optimization

Power, memory, boot-time, accuracy optimizations.

Algorithm Development

Implementation or porting of the algorithm and use-cases to target sensors and platforms. AI, ML and CV implementations.

Ready to work with us?

Do you have any specific use-cases in mind? Do you need assistance in any stage of product development? Whether you are an OEM or a System Integrator, we can work together...

Have any query regarding our expertise specific to Smart Monitoring, Care and Mobility?

Our Technical Expertise that enable the above applications...

Connectivity Expertise

Wired: USB, Ethernet, HDMI;
Wireless: WiFi, BT/BLE, NFC, GPS,UWB, LoRaWAN

Ultra-Wideband based RTLS

Ready-to-use Ultra-Wideband technology-based RTLS solution for indoor positioning to the accuracy of 30cm

Ready to integrate RADAR SDK

Ready-to-integrate mm-wave Radar SDK for non-contact-based monitoring with exceptional range resolution and angle accuracy.

Sensor Expertise

Pressure, temperature, humidity, PIR, vibration, MEMS sensors, camera, precision distance, angle measurement

Voice-Assistant Integration

Integration with Alexa, Siri, Ok Google, Cortana, as well as Smart Speakers

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