Multimedia Systems

Multimedia systems have gone far beyond traditional analog devices to digital multimedia systems. Embedded systems coupled with multimedia features are continuously increasing with the technology advancements. As technology is becoming inevitable aspect of our lives and content becomes ubiquitous, consumers are demanding seamless audio-video experiences at home and on-the-go. Feature-rich multimedia solutions are driving this trend, and device manufacturers across the smartphone, infotainment, broadcast, video surveillance, and video conferencing industries are adopting the same. Multimedia systems require real-time & efficient processing capabilities. However, challenges pertaining to quality, power efficiency, performance and latency are paramount and need to be addressed intelligently.

PathPartner, with its proven expertise in audio, video, speech and image processing coupled with re-usable IP components, delivers solutions to the most complex multimedia technology challenges in a cost-efficient manner. Having experience in all major standards as well as heterogeneous platform architectures, including ARM/x86 cores, DSPs, GPUs, accelerators, and FPGAs, PathPartner offers a spectrum of multimedia services across the content creation, transmission and consumption lifecycle.

Comprehensive Offerings to Accelerate Multimedia Systems Development

PathPartner offers complete multimedia solutions right from capturing the data to process it, store it and stream it over various smart IoT devices. The process starts with content creation in the form of image, video, text, speech, etc. The next process requires high-end software to process and store the data. The final step involves stream or display the content over various multimedia systems in different formats.

Multimedia Components
  • Development, optimization and integration of audio/video/image codecs
  • Development and integration of file parsers, container formats, streaming protocols, security & standards
Multimedia Systems
  • Development of complete multimedia systems using custom frameworks
  • Development of android multimedia systems on various SoCs
Embedded Multimedia
  • Porting & optimization of multimedia frameworks
  • Audio/video pipeline management and features optimization such as frame stitching, frame rate control, data buffering, etc.
  • Integrating wireless connectivity, latency optimization, audio-video synchronization
  • Enabling cloud connectivity and remote control of digital devices

Image Processing & Video Analytics

Smart devices are able to make the business operations faster, smarter and better by supporting high-quality audio, video, text, graphics & images. PathPartner’s image processing and video analytics expertise has enabled the organizations & manufacturers to extract the relevant information from the content to drive measurable business results.

PathPartner provides the tools which enhances the image visibility, auto-focus, auto exposure, image correction and 360-degree based security systems with the aim of providing complete safety.

Image Processing

Low Light Enhancement

Object Identification

Image Classification

Motion Blur Removal

Image Correction

Video Analytics

Gesture Recognition

Face Detection

License Plate Recognition

People Counting

Motion Detection

Multimedia System : Technical Expertise

PathPartner is involved in the complete development of multimedia systems with having experience in following codecs and stacks. Our hardware competency on heterogeneous embedded platforms has been pivotal in developing real-time multimedia systems.

Audio and Speech
  • Audio Codecs: AAC, Dolby, DTS, MP3, WMA
  • Speech Codecs: AMR-NB/WB, QCELP, EVRC
  • Image Codecs: JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG
Hardware Expertise
  • Architectures: Multi-core ARM, DSP, GPUs
  • MPUs and DSPs: Nvidia Tegra, NXP iMX, TI C66x etc
  • Interfaces: MIPI CSI/CPI, HDMI, PCIe, LVDS
Frameworks and Sub-systems
  • File containers and protocol stacks: SIP, RTP, HLS,
    MPEG-DASH, DLNA, MirrorLink
  • Framework: Stagefright, AudioFlinger, GStreamer,
    DirectShow, MFT
  • Sub-systems: Android & Linux-based media systems
Media Streaming
  • Streaming: RTP, SRTP, Adaptive Streaming technologies,
    MPEG2 TS
  • In-vehicle multimedia solutions:
    Android Auto

PathPartner Multimedia Offerings Across Domains

  • Front & rear seat entertainment
  • In-vehicle smartphone integration
Consumer Video
  • Live streaming solutions
  • Video conferencing software
Consumer Audio
  • Voice-assistance integration
  • Complete audio signal processing pipeline
Security & Surveillance
  • Commercial cameras software solution
  • 3D vision-based assistance, AR/VR

Our Recent Success Stories Across Multimedia Systems

Developed a high-performance digital audio SDK targeted toward the consumer audio market by providing one-stop product engineering services for a leading semiconductor major.

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Created a wireless surveillance camera with two-way radio communication, low power consumption and Amazon Alexa support for a North American security systems manufacturer.

Implemented slice-based video processing to reduce the end-to-end latency in the video conferencing system for a tier-1 personal computer and mobile peripherals provider.

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Implemented SIP phone video solution by using driver integration, firmware update, video pipeline management & optimizations for a tier-1 home appliances organization.

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Enhanced features such as addition of 4G connectivity, new sensors and resolved issues related to audio/video capture, and night vision for a leading camera manufacturer.

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Ported Android TV Input Framework (TIF) and enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity modules on SOC for an American SOC chip manufacturer for digital media products.

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Ported, optimized, integrated and tuned speaker protection algorithms to achieve real-time performance and quality enhancements for various tier-1 speaker manufacturers.

Provided firmware development support for a range of connected action cameras that support quick boot-up, shorter lag and shutter speeds, and low power consumption.

Delivered firmware for a streaming device to enable low-latency streaming over Wi-Fi and perform post-processing to enable enhanced video quality.

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Ready-to-integrate Multimedia Components for Faster Development

Audio/Video codecs

Development, optimization and integration of multimedia codecs like Audio/ Video/ Image codecs, Dolby/ DTS codecs (Atmos, TrueHD, DTS:X, DTS: IMAX)

Ready to build your Multimedia System?

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Expansive Platform Experience

Expansive platform experience on chipsets from leading semiconductor majors such as ADI, Altera, ARM, Broadcom, Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, Realtek, Sigma design, STMicro, Texas Instruments, Xilinx, and more

Existing Building Blocks

Next-gen Audio Systems

Video-Centric Solutions

Next-gen Broadcast Solutions

Alliances and Partnerships

Extensive experience in integration and pre-certification support of Dolby and DTS technologies

Formal partnership with leading chipset vendors majors

Member of leading industry alliances such as the embedded vision alliance

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