Various Image quality tuning techniques are used to improve the quality of an image produced by the sensors. In order to achieve high-quality images, customers face challenges such as:

  • Camera sensor integration
  • Images captured in different lighting conditions
  • Distorted images and images captured with fluctuating exposures
  • Images with different types of noises
  • Knowhow of ISP tuning

PathPartner Expertise

At PathPartner, we take a holistic approach towards improving the quality of the image through a mix and match of offerings & optimizations on various embedded platforms.

Image sensor integration

  • Sensor register configuration
  • Configuration I2C driver for communication with sensor
  • Configuration of SoC ISP registers to collect pixel data from sensor
  • Configuration of sensor parameters such as resolution, color format and brightness

Image Quality Tuning services

  • In-depth knowledge of Hardware ISPs from TI & Qualcomm
  • Image quality tuning through configurations of ISP parameters (AE, AWB, Bad pixel correction, Auto-focus, Blur removal, Flicker detection & removal, Noise filter, Color accuracy, Lens distortion correction and Video stabilisation)
  • Objectively defining image quality through benchmarking tools

Imaging Algorithms

  • Ready to use algorithms bundle including High dynamic range (HDR) imaging and video, Low light enhancement (LLE), and stereoscopy algorithms
  • Customization, integration and optimization of imaging algorithms

The PathPartner Advantage

We have successfully completed quality tuning of images generated from several CCD and CMOS sensors on Embedded platforms from TI & Qualcomm. With substantial industry experience in DCC and ITT tuning tool, our team of experts on board are well-versed with proprietary frameworks and adept in sensor integration and driver development. At PathPartner, image tuning, testing and benchmarking are performed in both standard imaging lab as well as outdoor environments.