The integration of sensing, connectivity and computation in advanced imaging systems is set to transform businesses, in ways never seen before. However, challenges pertaining to getting immaculate image quality with limited resources and heterogeneous environmental conditions still remain a huge hurdle for device makers. PathPartner, with its extensive experience in digital imaging, computational imaging and most recently 3D imaging, is well poised to be your partner in addressing these challenges and building next-gen imaging solutions.

Full pipeline service offerings

Driver integration
  • Camera sensors and modules integration and configuration
  • CSI2-MIPI interfacing
  • Interfacing CCD & CMOS sensors to various SoCs, sensor bring up and tuning
Image quality/ISP tuning
  • Development and optimization of algorithms such as 2A, Noise removal, white balance, and color correction
  • Image quality tuning for platforms consisting of discrete/embedded ISPs under varied combinations of lighting, lens and sensors
Imaging algorithms
  • Development and integration of camera algorithms such as high dynamic range, low light enhancement, depth map generation for stereo, array cameras, ToF and many more
  • Algorithm optimization on embedded platforms
System integration
  • Camera framework development and integration on various embedded platforms (TI, Qualcomm, Intel, ARM, Movidius)
  • Application development for various use-cases including vision based solutions

Ready-to-integrate components for faster development

State-of-the-art imaging lab for one-stop solutioning

Dedicated Imaging lab with HW & SW tools for performing the image quality tuning, calibration and tests

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