Hardware Design Services

From component selection all the way to production support, PathPartner provides complete hardware design services to customers developing consumer grade as well as mission critical electronic products. Over the last decade, we have delivered several hardware designs optimizing for the requirements of smaller, faster, reliable, power-optimized, smart and cost-effective products. Our complete suite of offerings includes component selection/benchmarking, architecture design, PCB layout and analysis, design review, functional testing, prototyping and support for manufacturing and certification.

Services across hardware lifecycle

PathPartner offers hardware design and development services for multi-core, multi-processor, high speed digital products. From prototyping all the way to manufacturing and certification support, PathPartner works with clients in ensuring that all their requirements pertaining to form factor, cost and performance are satisfactorily met.

  • Requirements gathering, specifications and analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • Component selection and BoM optimization
Design and layout
  • Multi-core, multi-processor based design and schematics
  • Multi-layer PCB layout and fabrication
  • Design for manufacturability and design for test
Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Prototype development
  • Testing and certification support (EMI, EMC, FCC, CE, UL etc.)
  • Prototyping and manufacturing support with assembly
Value Engineering
  • Optimizations for form factor, cost
  • Performance analysis
  • Component obsolescence management

Success Stories

From consumer to industrial, our hardware design experience spans key industries that need high speed digital electronics to power their systems.

Medical device with FCC certification

Complete hardware design for an innovative hip-alignment navigation device including FCC certification support for an American medical devices company

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Smart Camera with 4G connectivity

Low power camera hardware design for a wireless camera using Qualcomm chipset, multiple connectivity options (4G/LTE/Wi-Fi) and interfaces (Mic, Speaker, Display, USB etc.)

Smart Wearable with ATEX Safety

Complete product design with ATEX safety compliance based on Intrinsyc module with multiple connectivity (4G/LTE, GPS, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC) options and extremely low power

Multi-mic smart speaker board

Complete hardware and firmware development for audio box including the multi mic array for meeting room automation using MEMS based omnidirectional microphones

AI-based Driver Monitoring hardware

Small form factor design for a dashcam that meets the needs for computation, intelligence on the edge, data storage, connectivity, audio and other functional needs for automotive applications.

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Ultra Wideband RTLS solution

DW1000 IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant, wireless transceiver for navigation in indoor/outdoor environment.

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Hardware Design Technical Expertise

High Speed Board Design for a range of processors, displays, sensors, connectivity and other requirements

Why work with us for your next hardware design?

Proven Capabilities

Delivered hundreds of hardware designs spanning variety of host processors, media processors, low power microcontrollers, connectivity, storage, interfaces, displays, cameras and sensors

Ecosystem Partnerships

Partnerships with leading silicon vendors such as TI, Qualcomm, NXP, ST, Nvidia, Renesas and others

Tie up with contract manufacturing houses in India, China, Taiwan and USA

Dedicated hardware lab

Well equipped hardware lab with state-of-the-art equipment and tools

Standard specific and compliant hardware design expertise

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