As the density of logic in hardware increases, so does the complexity of its functionality. The changing hardware environment poses challenges for design and development of products for highly differentiated user-groups and industries. New technologies and products demand modular hardware design at a low cost and a quick turnaround time with minimum hardware spins. Designing complex boards requires more than just engineering expertise. It is through customized, innovative solutions that businesses can leverage a competitive edge. To this effect, PathPartner offers end-to-end system design services for complex SoC based devices. We offer design, development, prototyping, verification and manufacturing services for complex hardware systems.

Services across hardware lifecycle

  • Requirement gathering, specifications and analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • Component selection and BoM optimization
Design and layout
  • Hardware design and schematics
  • PCB layout and fabrication
  • Design for manufacturability and design for test
Testing & Delivery
  • Broad bring-up and functionality verification
  • Testing, Certification support
  • Manufacturing support with assembly
  • Component obsolescence management
  • Customized solutions
  • New feature addition and testing

Hardware design expertise highlights

High-speed design expertise

For variety of host processors, media processors, low power microcontrollers, connectivity, storage, interfaces, displays, cameras, sensors etc.

Ready hardware blocks

Camera modules

Dashcam reference hardware

RTLS modules

Ecosystem and infrastructure

Tie up with contract manufacturing houses in India, China, Taiwan and USA

Well equipped hardware lab with state-of-the-art equipment and tools

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