As the complexity of ASIC design increases, realizing small to medium volume products on FPGAs has become an ongoing trend. As a proponent of advantages of FPGA based designs for certain products, PathPartner’s involvement in engineering FPGA solutions has been extensive. PathPartner’s software-defined FPGA design services are characterized to deliver end-to-end system integration solutions from research, development, design to testing for any type of design requirements. We have a pool of experienced designers, adept in both C and Verilog/VHDL. We have worked on challenging projects on all leading FPGA platforms involving as large as one-million gate designs, multi-clock domain, and hybrid design implementations.

Our FPGA design service offerings

FPGA development
  • Architecture/specification definition
  • RTL coding
  • Code conversion of designs between Verilog and VHDL
  • Development of custom IP and integration of standard IP into system
  • Synthesis and implementation optimizations for FPGAs
  • Verification of design through test-bench development at RTL and post-synthesis level
  • Board-level debugging and validation
System level development
  • Hardware software partitioning (ARM and FPGA logic)
  • Implementation of AXI interconnect for fast and accurate data flow
  • Optimal data movement between hardware and software (Data flow design between PS and PL)
  • FPGA interface with DSP chipsets
  • Hardware design functionality consuming optimal cycles and hardware resources
  • Porting algorithms and RTL designs to FPGA based compute units on leading cloud platforms

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

FPGA platforms : Xilinx, Altera, Lattice
Design tools: ISE/Vivaldo/HLS/SDK, Quartus/Qsys, Diamond
SoC FPGA : Zynq, Zynq MPSoC, Cyclone V SoC


HEVC decoder on Xilinx Zynq and Kintex


Xilinx certified alliance member

Altera IP design partner

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