Embedded AI and Vision

PathPartner develops state-of-the-art on-device artificial intelligence (AI) and vision solutions that enable businesses to make real-time decisions and deliver more efficient experiences to customers. From building extremely low footprint and low power models on constrained end-points to bringing full-fledged, high-accuracy algorithms on edge devices, we bring the right solutions for our customer’s applications. In the last decade, we have delivered AI and vision solutions, based on traditional machine learning as well as contemporary deep learning algorithms, for applications spanning security & surveillance, robotics, AR/VR, drones, automotive ADAS & AD, and industrial domains.

AI and vision solution development : Our methodology

The process of developing AI and vision solutions does not need to be complex. At PathPartner, we understand our customer’s requirements and constraints, and build just the right solutions for them. From traditional machine learning to efficient deep learning networks, we use the right model architecture, frameworks and tools to build a reliable and scalable solution for your application.

Data management
  • Data preparation for both training and validation
  • Data with variation to cover all possibilities
  • Data annotation and enhancement
Model design and training
  • Complexity aware custom architectures including traditional ML and FF-CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, CRFs, HMMs
  • Selecting the right frameworks
  • Model tuning and compression
Embedded optimization
  • Real time implementation of networks on embedded processors
  • Embedded friendly network pruning, float-fixed point conversions and hyper parameter optimization
Benchmarking & validation
  • Measurement of inference metrics such as performance, power, memory etc.
  • Utilize frameworks, tools, automation scripts for effective validation

The PathPartner difference

PathPartner builds efficient AI solutions that use less resources. We understand the technical constraints of memory footprint, computational operations, power consumption as well as operational aspects of cost and time. Having worked on a range of AI and deep learning processors from Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, Renesas, Qualcomm, NXP, Mediatek, Cadence, Synopsys, CEVA and others, we understand what it takes to build the perfect solution for you in a scalable, cost-optimized and timely manner.

High accuracy

We build high accuracy models, under the constraints of processing power and memory availability

Fast performance

We leverage our deep understanding of underlying processor architectures to squeeze out the fastest performance in milli seconds

Small footprint

We build models with tiny memory footprint so that more applications can run on even the most low-end hardware


We build modular algorithms that can be re-used across platforms and architectures for your product revisions

Superior implementation

We build application specific models and use application specific data to make sure that you get an optimum solution

Quick deployment

Leveraging our existing building blocks and understanding of AI architectures, we cut down your development time by at least 30%

Harness the power of our embedded AI SDKs

PathPartner offers pre-trained, ready-to-integrate embedded AI-models for specific purposes. These algorithms are available on a range of processors from Texas Instruments, NVIDIA, Renesas, Qualcomm, NXP, Mediatek, Cadence, Synopsys, CEVA and other embedded AI processors.

Facial recognition & analytics

A state-of-the-art computer vision algorithm that can detect and recognize faces with wide pose and illumination variations. It also enables demography detection and emotion detection. Available in multiple complexity variants that can run on a range of underlying platforms

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Automotive ADAS & AD

A set of algorithms for developing camera-based ADAS and AD solutions. Currently includes models for traffic sign recognition, traffic light recognition, vulnerable road-user detection, road-lane markings and semantic segmentation. Available on major automotive grade platforms

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Radar interior sensing

Machine learning based algorithm suite for in-cabin sensing applications such as child/adult/life presence detection, seat belt reminder, driver out of position detection and gesture recognition. Works on low cost sensors and embedded processors.

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Driver Monitoring

Complete SDK for driver monitoring (identification, drowsiness, in- attention) and in-cabin sensing (occupancy detection, classification and more). Also provides APIs for eye tracking, facial analysis and activity classification. Available in multiple variants

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The applications are endless

While the applications of AI and computer vision are endless, here are some of the key applications we are focusing on.


Driver assistance systems
Autonomous driving
In-cabin sensing
Driver monitoring


Collision avoidance
Obstacle detection
3D reconstruction


Access control
Public surveillance
Home security


Anomaly detection
Predictive maintenance
Object classification



Do you have a specific AI or machine vision application in mind tailored to your use-case? Are you looking to add real-time vision in your products?

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