Camera is one of the primary sensor for automotive applications across all the segments of vehicles. These camera are subjected to diverse lighting condition, weather phenomenon and more. This gives the need to develop camera based system to achieve consistent performance. These cameras are used inside the vehicle cabin as well as outside for various safety application. To Achieve consistent performance there is a need for dedicated camera imaging algorithms to get consistent video feed irrespective of working condition. PathPartner offers End to End automotive camera and imaging services from sensor development, vision algorithms development and integration services. Our state of the laboratory and image tuning infrastructure is best suited for fine tuning the camera modules

PathPartner End to End service Offers to Improve ADAS Perception System

Camera IQ Tuning
  • ISP parameter tuning and optimization for best image or video quality
  • Objective and subjective field IQ testing
  • Human and machine vision specific
Camera Driver & Software
  • Sensor driver development and video streaming bring up
  • Bayer, RCCX, RGB-IR, HDR Schemes, FPD/GMSL/LVDS etc.
  • Camera framework development and customization
  • System/ Application level performance optimization
Camera Calibration
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic parameter estimation
  • Static and online calibration
  • Multi camera calibration
Algorithm & Optimization
  • Low light enhancement, HDR etc. algorithms
  • Conceiving algorithm design to suit embedded platforms
  • Porting and optimization of algorithms on imaging/vision accelerators
Safety Compliance
  • ISO 26262
  • MISRA-C compliance
  • Static code analysis
  • Code coverage testing

Field IQ Testing- Non-HDR and HDR

Imaging Laboratory

  • Our dedicated in – house imaging lab set up comprises of both hardware & software tools including test charts, purpose-built scenes, analysis software, fully automated image capture environment, measurement and illumination devices that provide everything needed to accurately test and evaluate the image quality of your cameras.

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