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UWB Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Advances in Real time location systems, which now enable precise, reliable and low cost monitoring and tracking of people, assets and heavy equipment, are driving a new wave of transformation across industries. At PathPartner, we have developed high-precision RTLS building blocks, which provide a strong foundation to solution providers developing real time location and indoor positioning systems for various industries. The solution harnesses the power of ultra-wide band (IR-UWB) technology based on IEEE 802.15.4-2011 standard, the gold standard technology for precise calculation of the location of the assets, using TWR (Two way Ranging) methodology and trilateration' ' to 'TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) methodology and multilteration

Want to see our reference solution in action?

In this video, we are showcasing RTLS using TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) positioning technology. TDoA requires a minimum of 4 Anchors to determine the position of a Tag.

Here, we have mapped the entire floor of our office to the Application Interface which is running on a computer. 4 Anchors are placed at different positions on the floor in order to precisely locate and monitor the Tag’s movement. The tracked movement of the Tag is displayed on the Application Interface.

What we offer?

We provide ready-to-use RTLS reference solution and also build custom positioning solutions as per your requirements

  • End-to-end product engineering services
  • Independent hardware design and custom integration with other products
  • Consultation services

With the emergence of COVID-19 all around the world, the need for employee safety has taken center stage. As the workplace becomes the hub where workers from different sections and regions, with different travel histories, regularly interact, it becomes imperative to keep a record of the movements of every employee. When any worker tests positive, RTLS can provide contact tracing, and thereby, the areas and other workers the infected individual has come in contact with, ultimately preventing any further spread of the disease....read more

About our ready-to-use RTLS reference solution

Our ready-to-use RTLS module uses TDoA for positioning. Basic components of the module includes


The stationary device with known position used as a mediator between the Tags and the CLE


The portable device attached to the asset to be tracked. They communicate with anchors using radio waves

Application Interface

The UI where the tracking is displayed, usually the map of the trackable confined region

Central Location Engine(CLE)

CLE performs Multi-lateration and wireless synchronization scheme

Features and Specifications

  • Works for both Indoor and Outdoor asset tracking
  • Offers accuracy upto a few cms.
  • Options to connect the anchors with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.
  • Battery powered tags.
  • Option to choose between short range and long range tags.
  • Designed to consume low power

Do you have any specific tracking use-case in mind? Are you planning to deploy a tracking system in your premise? Or integrate with an existing system?

Have any query regarding the specifications and pricing?

Our solution can be used in multiple applications

rtls location aware apps

Make your manufacturing intelligent and dynamic by keeping track of every asset and process. High-tech location tracking, navigation, geo-fencing will help in the automation of several processes, avoiding collisions, creating alerts, thus, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.


An efficient RTLS alongside a robust WMS can help your organization reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy, improve flexibility and responsiveness, decrease errors in picking and shipping goods, and improve customer service.


Real-time tracking of individuals and objects, engaging the target audience with the location-based advertisement, utilization and analysis of location data to gain insight about customer behavior will improve the overall quality of your business.


Locating staff, tracking patients, managing assets, monitoring environment will become most straightforward with an RTLS deployed. Tracking, Locating, Geo-fencing are the most common concerns of a healthcare unit which usually deals with critical cases.

Smart Parking
Smart Parking

One of the biggest challenges your city is facing can be overcome with the use of a positioning system, thereby guiding drivers to empty parking spaces, alerting them of any obstacles nearby. RTLS can also help in creating multi-level parking.

Smart Yard
Smart Yard

In a Yard Management System, asset tracking can help in evaluating fleet movement, detect inefficiencies and errors, optimize processes. Both vehicles and stationery assets can be effectively tracked, thereby improving the transparency.

One solution. Multiple applications

rtls tracking
rtls geo-fencing
rtls navigation
rtls location aware apps
Location aware apps
social distancing
Social Distancing
contact tracing
Contact Tracing

Why choose us?

  • Easy to integrate with your existing security system
  • Less infrastructural requirements
  • Compact, easy to use devices
  • Cost-effective

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