Reference Designs Kits (RDKs)

As a Product Engineering Company, PathPartner offers a range of development kits along with complete hardware and software services to shorten your time to market and develop state-of-the-art on-device Edge Intelligence (AI) and Vision solutions, assisting industry players in adopting the AI and Machine learning technology on leading semiconductor platforms.

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Qualcomm® QCS605 SoC SOM Designed for Smart Cameras and Smart IoT Devices

PT605 System on Module (SoM) based on Qualcomm QCS605 offers a reliable and cost-effective embedded platform for building Edge AI products. QCS605 is a high performance IoT System-on-Chip (SoCs) purpose-built to deliver power-efficient edge computing for next-generation smart cameras and smart home applications with an octa-core CPU and 4K video capture. It incorporates key features for building advanced use cases encompassing machine learning, edge computing, sensor processing, voice UI enablement and integrated wireless connectivity.

PT605 SOM is engineered to deliver powerful computing for on-device camera processing and machine learning, with exceptional power efficiency for a wide range of IoT applications.

Qualcomm® QCS605 SOM Carrier Board Development Kit Designed for Smart Camera Applications

PathPartner’s Smart camera QCS605 offers a reliable and cost-effective embedded platform for building smart camera end-products. Smart camera reference design QCS605 offers a complete reference design for building smart AI-enabled cameras built for intelligent IoT devices. It houses a very powerful yet small form-factor PathPartner’s PT605 SoM, based on QCS605 along with 4G/LTE connectivity and multiple peripherals.

The platform is designed to provide superior image processing together with enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in a cost-effective platform to serve a variety of IoT devices including action, VR/360, home security, enterprise security and wearable cameras.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) on NXP IMX8x™ Processor

PathPartner’s DMS (Driver Monitoring Solutions) is a ready-to-use solution for a range of applications based-on in-cabin driver status monitoring. The product meets the needs for computation, intelligence on the edge, data storage, connectivity, imaging, audio and other functional needs of automotive and fleet safety applications, all packed in an extremely small form factor. The processing unit, based on NXP’s™ IMX8x processor, makes an optimal choice for such a cost-efficient product. The camera module, based on Omnivision's OV2311 camera sensor with NIR illumination, enables reliable performance under various lighting conditions.

DASH CAM Reference Design

Enhance fleet efficiency and boost driver safety with PathPartner’s Dash cam reference design solution that are designed with combined cutting edge AI powered safety features, connectivity, image processing and machine learning.

Advanced Video Doorbell and Home Controller Reference Solution

PathPartner offers a complete reference design for building a smart AI-enabled video doorbell solution, based on high integrated IP Camera SoC SSC325DE from Ambarella and a home controller based on Quectel SC200R. It combines the powers of Imaging Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor PIR Sensor, Humidity Sensor with 4G/LTE connectivity and multiple peripherals and can be used directly in end - product designs for complete security systems. Packing powerful edge computing, sensor processing and integrated wireless connectivity, this reference solution is ideal for Smart Home security, Enterprise level security, etc.

Embedded Engineering Services

PathPartner’s Embedded Engineering Services encompass the entire product development life - cycle. Our services comprise complex hardware design, system software development, Audio and Video integration, IoT and testing & validation, production support and product sustenance.

Embedded Hardware Design
  • Full custom HW design services
  • Custom carrier board design
  • SOM customization
  • GPU, multiprocessor and multicore based designs
  • Development and testing of the hardware prototype
  • BoM optimization
  • Component selection and benchmarking
  • Multilayer PCB designs
  • Product compliance and certification
  • Low-volume manufacturing
Software Development
  • BSP development
  • Board bring – up
  • Firmware development
  • Device drivers
  • Protocols
  • Cross-platform porting to address challenges such as low power, small footprint and near zero failure rate
Custom Camera Development
  • Purpose built cameras for intelligent IoT devices
  • Enhanced camera features -Build cameras that support dual ISPs, capture, playback, and stream premium 4K HEVC, support for staggered HDR,EIS, low light noise reduction
  • Image quality tuning, IQ benchmarking, sensor integration, Video analytics, camera module design
  • Powerful camera solutions, combining image processing, AI with machine learning, build intelligence into the edge

FCC/CE Certification testing to ensure product designs meet the necessary FCC/CE/UL norms and standards.

  • CE / FCC / ROHS Certifications
  • Design review for FCC Compliance
  • EMC / EMI Testing & Certification
  • Consultancy for Product Compliance and EMC
  • Radiated & Conducted Emission Testing

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Deliver intelligence to products with advanced AI and smarter computing

PathPartner’s software and hardware tools help accelerate AI devices and applications. Our Reference Designs Kits (RDKs) are purpose-built with a powerful combination of performance, power efficiency, image processing and machine learning to power the Internet of Things (IoT) products. We help enable the next - gen advanced devices from intelligent cameras to digital signage, to intuitive robots and smart devices.


Designed to support AI use - cases including face detection & recognition, activity recognition, object detection/tracking, people counting & more.


Enhanced integrated wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Purpose - built for a variety of uses including smart camera products, robotics, digital signage, IIoT


Supports Dual ISP and 4K Ultra – HD video with simultaneous multi – camera support and machine learning applications

Industry Specific Solutions

Security & Surveillance
Industrial IoT
Smart Home Security
Digital Signage
High End Cameras
Retail Solutions

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