Q&A with Raman Narayan, Country Manager North America of PathPartner Technology, Inc. providing Smart Embedded Solutions and Integration Services for Automotive, Medical Device, Semiconductor, IoT, Connected Cameras, Imaging and Vision Systems

Date: August 24, 2017

Author: PathPartnerTech

Raman Narayan

Country Manager North America
PathPartner Technology, Inc.

Interview conducted by:
Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – August 21, 2017

Q: Mr. Narayan, would you give us some background on PathPartner Technology?

A: PathPartner is a technically adventuristic company having proven competency in delivering smart embedded solutions. With expertise in BSP & device drivers, sensor integration, signal processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, imaging, deep learning, machine learning, media codecs and hardware design, PathPartner enables its customers in developing futuristic devices across industries that include automotive, semiconductor, IoT, medical device, connected cameras, Imaging and Vision systems.

Q: Given the wide range of industries, are their many synergies because it is all semiconductor or do you have to develop individual solutions for each industry?

A:PathPartner offers design, development and integration services in advanced embedded technologies to solve complex challenges for clients around the world by providing them the advantage of top of the line technologies, superior performance and faster time-to-market options.

We continuously engage with companies in charting out solutions for embedded systems and thereby create numerous possibilities for our clients.

Q: When you are devising a solution, what might PathPartner look at that less experienced companies may not recognize makes a difference?

A:To provide system solutions in the present-day tech scenario, we need to bring on table a great deal of expertise in terms of BSP (board support packages), device drivers, hardware designs, codecs, vision and advanced technologies like machine vision. It is a classic interplay between hardware and software and optimizing these to provide a total system solution is where PathPartner excels. A foolproof architecture with quality systems in place is crucial for any creative product lines. Therefore, we need to have developers having hands-on experience in all these niche segments to make it all work and hold things together to make a product. This product should be unique and top-of-the-line with superior performance if it has to gain an entry in the ever-evolving market.

What we are trying to do is execute and deliver quality solution and thus enable our clients to introduce their products in this marketplace. In the domains that we are in, be it automotive, semiconductor, healthcare, cameras or surveillance, we are trying to integrate our services and run an intelligent system that is actionable and performance driven.

Q: How do you stay on top of changing technology?

A:You are absolutely right as we are living in an era where rapid strides in technology seem to be a routine. PathPartner is aware of this and we have been ever nimble and agile in understanding the marketplace and be on top-of-the-line in advanced technologies. The key here is to bring transformative and innovative ideas into full-fledged products. We are excited to be in such a marketplace and brace ourselves by having a deep level understanding in latest technologies like artificial intelligence, deep-learning, augmented/virtual reality and incorporate the same in our client’s products thus making it not only relevant but also valuable.

For example, we build platform based solutions that can have a plethora of sensors, microcontrollers, GPUs, wireless connectivity, cloud platforms and everything happening in real-time. As we cover a broad spectrum of technologies, we need to deep-dive into each of them and ensure that everything falls in place to an extent that its performance matches to the needs of our customers. This underlines our unparalleled experience in transforming innovative ideas into full-fledged products with superior performances and faster time-to-market.

Q: How do you work with your clients? Do you collaborate with them? What is a typical engagement?

A:Gone are the days when a client would give comprehensive list of requirements and we were expected to execute it. Order of the day now is to be more collaborative with the client. This necessitates for us to having a complete understanding of the requirements and their intended end-use applications. We get involved with them from conceptualization and provide our inputs that would ensure improvisations and optimizations thereby guaranteeing better performance.

Engagement with our clients is intensely collaborative with us providing timely consultations as we go about executing our works. Commercially speaking, we are flexible in our business engagement models depending on the projects.

Q: Are companies in the various industries you work with familiar with PathPartner or do you still have to pound the pavement and market yourselves?

A:It is gratifying to say that most of our business comes from our existing networks and contacts in the industry who give us good recommendations. As we step into the next phase of our organization’s growth, we need to surely reach out and attain more client wins. We participate in many events and expos. Our management team and subject matter experts at PathPartner do get invited in many events for talks. Given that we are working in a niche segment that is advanced embedded systems for a living, we need to broadcast to the world about our competencies and the deliverables that we bring to the table for our prospective clients.

As an organization we continually invest in mastering new technologies. With emerging technologies and the way markets get adapted to them, we are witness to many new business houses working on novel and interesting products. It therefore becomes even more imperative that we market ourselves as one-stop design house to all our prospective clients.

Q: You are the manager of North America. How long have you been engaged with North America and what do you focus on day-to-day in your role?

A:Major clientele for PathPartner has been North America ever since its inception a decade back. Being in the Silicon Valley, I am witness to many interesting innovations and this place is a technology hotbed. Given its strategical importance, we have an R & D center here in the Bay Area as well as in Bangalore, India. This enables our engineers to collaborate with our client base directly on a day-to-day basis. As we gain competency in emerging technologies, I don the role of a technical evangelist and continuously engage with organizations here apprising them of our niche competencies and how PathPartner can enable in their business goals.

Q: What is next for PathPartner Technology? What might be different a year from now?

A:We want to bring in more game-changing technologies that can accrue benefits for our customers. We look at ourselves working on top-of-line products and ensure best performance and faster time-to-market in all projects that we work in.

Q: Are many of your customers willing to go for cutting edge solutions and try new ideas or do you find that many companies are still a little leery about something new?

A:I have not encountered anyone who has not been receptive to our ideas. As we spread across multiple industries with expertise in multiple domains under the gamut of advanced embedded solutions, we have been able to cross over industries with better solutions for our customers.

Q: How is business?

A: Business has been fabulous. We are growing exponentially and I am pretty bullish about our company and the industry we are working in.

Q: How do you find the talent, engineers that can bring the best to your organization?

A:Getting the best talent in the domains that we are in is always a challenge. The engineers embarking their career-path with PathPartner are trained in the latest technologies as there can be a gap between what they learn in courses worldwide and the technology challenges that one faces in the real world.

With emerging technologies like machine-vision, AI (artificial intelligence) and deep-learning, we have to be nimble in upgrading our engineers accordingly. This is a challenge that we acknowledge as we move forward. We are confident of transcending every such challenge.

Q: Put it all together for our readers. Why pay attention to PathPartner Technology?

A:We offer design, development and complete product engineering services in advanced embedded technology with an unparalleled experience in transforming innovative ideas into full-fledged product solutions. We have provided our clients the advantage of top-of-the-line technology, superior performance and reduced time-to-market. Having expertise in BSP & device drivers, multimedia codecs, algorithms, optimizations, wireless connectivity, signal processing, imaging, hardware design, machine learning and artificial intelligence, PathPartner is geared for technology driven execution and quality delivery for corporations across industries including automotive, semiconductor, connected cameras, medical devices, broad multimedia, Imaging and Vision.

Interview originally published on CEOCFO MAGAZINE

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