ScreenUCast is the latest screen casting and content sharing SDK from PathPartner built on a screen casting protocol – called ‘Flip’. Consisting of software SDKs for sender and receiver devices, ScreenUCast is a hardware agnostic solution for a wide range of applications such as wireless presentation systems, collaboration systems, smart TVs, multimedia dongles and video conferencing systems. Designed with a focus to share high-quality content including synthetic, graphics, and video between high-end smart devices, ScreenUCast supports many sources to one sink architecture. The devices can share content among themselves as well as to multiple common displays, enhancing productivity and user-experience. With enhanced features such as multiple displays at server, remote sender connectivity, dynamic bandwidth adaptation, one-click sharing and many more, sharing content with ScreenUCast is just a tap away.

Screen casting SDK for wireless presentation systems

Key features

  • Share desktop, applications, media files or any other custom content in an instant
  • Configure number of clients and streams from the sender
  • Automatic discovery of servers on the network (zeroconf)
  • Up to 4K resolution output from receiver SDK
  • Multiplex/Mosaic/Stitch and render displays on server
  • Audio support with perfect audio-video synchronization
  • Streaming performance and quality adapts to load on the system, network bandwidth and content type
  • Multiple authentication modes for client authentication
  • NAT and DMZ traversal capabilities
  • Both clients and servers can simultaneously operate on multiple networks (VLANs, Wifi+Ethernet)

ScreenUCast : Screen casting and content sharing SDK

Integrate PathPartner ScreenUCast stack in your next product

With off-the-shelf ScreenUCast SDK and world-class support from our tech team, enhance your wireless presentation systems and collaboration solutions with differentiating features and seamless user experience.


Advanced features such as simultaneous multiple displays at receiver, multi-user presentation, multiple networks and many more


Hardware agnostic implementation. Sender SDK available on Windows, Mac, and Android. Receiver SDK on Windows, Linux and Android.


Glass-to-glass latency of less than 200ms. Sender SDK less than 10MB and receiver SDK is extremely memory efficient

One stack. Multiple applications

With the ability to share any content between smart devices as well as central displays, imagination is the only limit to what can be achieved with ScreenUCast stack

Wireless presentation systems

For corporates and education institutions - One click content sharing

Multimedia USB dongles

For consumer as well as business uses – Deliver exceptional user experience

Collaboration devices

For integration with video conferencing systems - Enhance meeting productivity

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