ScreenUCast is the latest screen casting and content sharing stack from PathPartner built on a Screencasting protocol – called ‘Flip’. Designed with a focus to deliver high-quality content including synthetic, graphics, and video on high-end smart devices, ScreenUCast supports many sources to one sink architecture. ScreenUCast’s connectivity stack allows for multiple displays at server, enabling clients to view content shared by any other client remotely, with just a tap.


PathPartner offers multiple implementations of Screen-sharing compliant Wireless Display Stack, suited to fit varying user requirements. These screen sharing wireless display solutions leverage PathPartner’s extensive ScreenUCast, SoC, multimedia middleware, codecs and device driver expertise to achieve highest quality with lowest possible latency. The customizable solutions can be used to provide optimal solutions for a variety of platforms and in niche implementations.

  • Multiple clients (Configurable)
  • Multiple streams from clients (Configurable)
  • Automatically discover servers on the network (zeroconf)
  • Multiplex/Mosaic/Stitch and render on server
  • Share desktop, applications (screengrab) or any other custom content
  • Streaming performance & quality adapts to load on client & server systems, network bandwidth and content type
  • Mosaic/Stitch streams on a display
  • Audio support with perfect audio-video synchronization
  • Multiple authentication modes for client authentication
  • Limited NAT traversal abilities
  • Both clients and servers can simultaneously operate on multiple networks (VLANs, Wifi+Ethernet)

Platform Availability

  • Implementations for MacOSX & Windows
  • WPA_Supplicant 2.1 based WFD component on Linux
  • Gstreamer based media components for Linux & Android