PathPartner offers Miracast core stack implementation with porting interfaces to allow quick integration into several platforms. Our offerings also include reference Miracast Wi-Fi display solution on multiple platforms that can be fine-tuned and quickly integrated into end products.

Customers bank on our extensive experience in SoC, multimedia middleware, multimedia codecs, BSP & device driver to achieve highest quality with lowest possible latency in their Miracast based products


PathPartner offers multiple implementations of Screen-sharing compliant Wireless Display Stack, suited to fit varying user requirements. These screen sharing wireless display solutions leverage PathPartner’s extensive ScreenUCast, SoC, multimedia middleware, codecs and device driver expertise to achieve highest quality with lowest possible latency. The customizable solutions can be used to provide optimal solutions for a variety of platforms and in niche implementations.

  • Fully compliant with Wi-Fi Alliance’s Miracast specification
  • Miracast Primary Sink stacks
  • Designed for portability
  • Extensively tested for interoperability
  • Upcoming: Secondary sink support
  • UIBC Support
  • Beyond Miracast: Add-ons, features and use cases suited for a variety of use cases

Platform Availability

Hardware: Sink solution on Raspberry Pi, Freescale’s i.MX6 and TI’s OMAP4 & DM81xx
OS: Android, Embedded Linux – available as Yocto meta layer