RTLS solution

Advances in Real time location systems, which now enable precise, reliable and low cost monitoring and tracking of people, assets and heavy equipment, are driving a new wave of transformation across industries. At PathPartner, we have developed high-precision RTLS building blocks, which provide a strong foundation to solution providers developing real time location and indoor positioning systems for various industries. The solution harnesses the power of ultra-wide band (IR-UWB) technology based on IEEE 802.15.4-2011 standard, the gold standard technology for precise calculation of the location of the assets, using TWR (Two way Ranging) methodology and trilateration.

Want to see our reference solution in action?

In this video, we are showcasing RTLS using TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival) positioning technology. TDoA requires a minimum of 3 Anchors to determine the position of a Tag.

Here, we have mapped the entire floor of our office to the Application Interface which is running on a computer. 4 Anchors are placed at different positions on the floor in order to precisely locate and monitor the Tag’s movement. The tracked movement of the Tag is displayed on the Application Interface.

Reliably monitor precise location of an asset or person in real-timewith complete hardware and software building blocks

Anchors and Tags hardware

Power your anchors and tags with our leading hardware boards

Embedded software

Configure your devices, update firmware and enable new functionalities

Cloud backend

Offload high computation tasks, manage devices and enable applications

PathPartner RTLS solution features

High precision

Provides location accuracy of upto 40 cms, better than alternative technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi etc.

Highly reliable

Uses frequencies outside the crowded 2.4GHz band lending itself to lower interference and higher reliability

Low power

Built on ST Micro’s ultra low power microcontroller (STM32L) and Decawave’s DW1000 transceiver

Add-on sensors & connectivity

Built-in motion detection sensors, NFC for ease of data transfer, GPS for outdoor tracking

User friendly APIs

Well defined APIs for configuring functionality, accessing peripherals and development

Simple debugging

UART interface for firmware debugging, APIs for use-case testing.

One solution. Multiple applications


Real time tracking of resources, assets and inventory


Alert entry/exit within virtual bundaries


Guided navigation to precise locations

Location aware apps

Analyze interaction of users, collect location aware data

Factory automation

Warehousing and logistics

Multi-level parking

Facility management

Healthcare and retail

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