Driver Monitoring Solution

Driver drowsiness, fatigue, and distraction at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents worldwide. It is estimated that distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in North America and one in five fatal accidents caused globally are due to driver fatigue. As ADAS technologies become mainstream, Automotive organizations are challenged with addressing this humungous safety issue arising due to driver drowsiness and distraction. PathPartner’s driver monitoring system, using a single low-power in-vehicle camera and advanced vision technologies, provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and distraction, alerting the driver to reduce the chances of serious accidents.

Intorducing Be-awe- ik : Our in-cockpit camera based driver monitoring system

Be-əwe- ik is a licensable hardware plus software solution that provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and in-attention, using a single low-power camera inside the vehicle. It uses a hybrid combination of advanced facial analysis algorithms and deep learning models to assess the driver’s alertness and focus under challenging environmental conditions. Be-awe- ik uses a hybrid combination of advanced facial analysis algorithms and deep learning models across 28 facial landmarks to perform real time analysis of driver’s eyes, mouth, and head movements. Using this analysis, intelligent algorithms provide high accuracy and actionable output in real time. They key areas of analysis include:

  • Face detection and 3D pose estimation
  • Eye gaze and eye open level tracking
  • Mouth status tracking
  • Face recognition

Why Be-awe- ik?

Aimed at reducing the risk of a crash or collision and enhancing safety, this hardware plus software solution can be licensed by automotive ODMs, OEMs and tier-1/2 suppliers developing advanced ADAS solutions. Some of the key features and value proposition of Be-awe- ik include:

  • Reliability : Works under diverse operating conditions (illumination, dark glasses, camera position etc.) and in real-time with low latency
  • Affordability : No costly components. Utilizes standard, readily available automotive grade platforms and cameras. Flexible business models based on requirements
  • Availability : Platform agnostic. Works on hybrid architectures including ARM, DSP, GPU, FPGA, and vision accelerators. Reference dashcam hardware available



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