Facial recognition technology is becoming ubiquitous across the industries. It is considered as one of the fastest methods for image verification and Image recognition through facial features and expressions.

PathPartner’s facial recognition technology is a licensable software solution for highly accurate face detection and face recognition process. Built on CNN-based deep learning models, PathPartner’s facial recognition system works seamlessly with various facial attributes and environmental conditions. Our facial recognition technology is highly optimized on a range of embedded platforms from Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Intel, Arm, NXP and can also work on cloud server platforms.

Facial Recognition Technology and Facial Recognition SDK

PathPartner Facial recognition technology is a state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision algorithm that can detect and recognize faces with wide pose and illumination variations. The SDK allows you to perform 6 key tasks of face recognition.

Face Detection
Detects and locates all the faces from the images or videos

Feature Extraction
Extracts the facial features based on face landmarks using CNN model

Face Identification
Compares the extracted facial features with the database and identifies the correct face by sending real-time alert

Demography Detection
Estimates the age and gender based on extracted facial features using SVM classifier

Emotion Detection
Recognizes emotions by detecting similar faces with multiple expressions

Spoof Detection
Detects anti-spoofing by intra-face variations such as eye blinking, facial expressions head rotation

Why PathPartner Face Recognition Software?

PathPartner Face recognition Software is a complete solution for cutting-edge facial recognition technology which works on CNN-based model and works in any ideal or non-ideal scenarios like low resolution and limited visibility conditions.

High Performance
Real-time identification and authentication in milli seconds

High Accuracy
Delivers >99% accuracy on public standard datasets

Easy to Integrate
Can be easily integrated with custom applications

Platform Independent
Runs on embedded, edge and server platforms

Quick Registration
Easily customizable enrolment process

Extensively trained
Trained on images from across the world

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PathPartner Offerings Span Across a Wide Range of Facial Recognition Applications

Retail Analytics
  • Checkout free stores
  • Customer count
  • Heat- mapping
  • Tracking experiences
  • Employee management
Security and Surveillance
  • Threat and intrusion detection
  • Perimeter and asset monitoring
  • Online identity verification
  • Frictionless authentication
Access Control
  • Real-time face detection
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Visitor identification
  • Suspicious face detection
Digital Healthcare
  • Patient’s monitoring
  • Patient check-in process
  • Security management
  • Improving patient safety

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