10.5 MP 3D Stereo camera module

The application of camera modules has moved way beyond its traditional use as a mere component of a still camera to various applications such as machine vision, medical imaging and scientific research. Leveraging the capabilities in camera sensor technology, camera-tuning, camera hardware design capability and algorithm development, PathPartner’s 3D Stereo Camera on SnapDragon 820 is designed to enable your machine to see like a human eye in three dimensions like a human eye.

  • Stereo Camera will be designed using two OV10823 1/2.6” 10.5Mp Digital Image Sensor from Ominivision
  • Output formats supported by OV10823 sensor is 10-bit Raw RGB data and DPCM 10-8 Compression.
  • Baseline of stereo camera should be 60mm
  • Lens – EVETAR 1/2.5” inchM12 based (M125B02620WM12)
    • Lens Focal Length: 2.0 mm
    • Lens Resolution: Megapixel Lens
    • FOV : 160° diagonally max
    • IR Cut Filter: Inbuilt 650nm IR Cut filter
    • Chief Ray angle: 16.4 mm maximum
    • IRIS: Fixed/Manual
    • Lens Mount: M12
  • Lens Holder – Evetar M12 lens holder(A02-026)
  • 10.5MP (4320 × 2432) Resolution (individual sensor output)
  • Camera will be interfaced with Dragon board 820 Carrier board through four lanes of MIPI interface connectors to control Auto exposure and 3D reconstruction algorithms
  • Frame synchronization between two image sensors done using FSIN pin of image sensor by triggering through snapdragon 820 GPIO pins
  • ROHS Complaint
  • Board Size is 100 mm x 40 mm
  • Input Power to the device is 3.3V/5V power is received through MIPI connectors.