ppinng!HDR gets a Speed Boost

Date: May 21, 2014

Today we are rolling out a significant update to ppinng!HDR that promises to take HDR to the next level. We have been hard at work the past few weeks to make your HDR experience smoother and faster. After many rounds of optimization, we are proud to report that HDR processing time is down by almost 50% on ARM architecture. Several bugs have been squashed and feature enhancements have been rolled in at all the stages of our algorithm - this has resulted in Image Quality improvements across the board.
With this update we’d also like to introduce you to our instagram account over at http://instagram.com/ppinnghdr. Check out our sample images and send us yours! We’d love to see a slice of the world through ppinng!HDR.
And we aren’t resting just yet. There’s still work to be done and we have a whiteboard full of ideas that will find their way into the app in coming releases. Keep watching this space for more.
Akshay Panday
Technical Lead

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