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Date: April 21, 2014

Author: Varun Joshi

Let me begin with a simple question. What features you want in your mobile phone? Just think for a moment. Almost all of us would have written down “Camera” in the features list, isn't it? Camera has become such an important part of our life and a must feature in our mobile phones. And when some feature is important to such an extent, it is normal to expect that the feature should be simple to use and the best in quality.
From the day, the above scenario was realised, there has been a mad race by companies and individuals alike, to make the camera and the camera related services, better and simpler. Initially the advancements was limited to hardware. But with the advent of smart phones which have processing speed, storing capacity competing with desktops, the betterment of software or the camera applications has taken an important role in the betterment of services.
PathPartner has brought out a very good HDR camera application called "ppinng!HDR". This is an amazing application which provides a seamless HDR functionality on any mobile device running Android version 4.0 or above.
First lets try to know what HDR or High Dynamic Ranging is? The human eyes are sensitive across a higher dynamic range of intensities and can adjust with the dim as well as bright light, to give a better view; but cameras (despite Auto Exposure!) can’t. This is because auto exposure adjusts the exposure to bring most pixels of the image close to normal intensity; wiping out details from small, albeit interesting regions illuminated differently from the majority. Our eye has an intensity dynamic range of 10,000:1 whereas the best of cameras are restricted to a max of 1500:1!
So how does ppinng!HDR helps us to get a great quality picture? A single click in ppinng!HDR triggers capturing of multiple images which are of varying exposures. The high dynamic range algorithm composes the pixels that matter, from each of these images into a single HDR image. Now lets see some of the highlights which are making the application receive rave reviews!
  1. Motion of objects and unrealted people in the scene is no longer a cause for worry. The deghosting algorithm intelligently takes care of this!
  2. Scene ambience can be adjusted to suit your mood.
  3. All the differently exposed images can be saved if you wish to.
  4. Take picture through touch (With timer to hold the phone steady.)
  5. Switch on/off HDR mode as per your wish.
  6. Choose your camera source.
  7. Choose quality and size of image.
Update: ppinng!HDR has been downloaded over 20000 times! And received great feedback from about 250 reviewers! Check out what few of them say.Coenraad says "PERFECT MINIMALISTIC DESIGN Just wishing for a feature to use the volume rocker as the camera trigger instead of a screen tap for phones which don't have a hardware key"
Rekha gave feedback as "Good but needs bit more stability. Zooming option is not supported. Please add this option in upcoming version, Thanks PP!!!"
Vlaad writes "LIKE LIKE LIKE I like this a lot. Working great especially in indoor situations. What I dont like is that shutter sound could not be disabled. REVIEW UPDATE: Magnificent. No shutter and quality is insane. BRILLIANT JOB"
From the reviews we understand we are doing great but, there is room for improvement too. Thank you everyone for your feedback. We are closely monitoring the feedback and improvising. But from the reviews, you can see that there has been a newer version released! Scroll down to check the upgrades!
  1. New easy and intuitive user interface.
  2. Performance optimisation
  3. Fixed Win-Death issues in many phone models.
  4. Added features like
    • Enable/Disable shutter sound
    • Choose image save path
    • Share photos with social media
    • Rating the application

Image 1: Version 1.0

Image 3

Image 2: Version 2.0

Image 4

We can easily see the contrast between version1.0 and version2.0 . The new UI gives more viewing space.Also the option bar opens up, only when clicked upon the arrow mark.
In images 3 and 4 we see, some of the newer options. “Save original Images” and “Shutter Sound” options are viewed in Image 3. And in Image 4, on the lower right corner you have the sharing option.
Now enough has been said about the application. Download this amazing app by clicking here and do rate and review the application. It will be great to have feedback from you all.

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