PathPartner Technology Showcases Exclusive HEVC Solutions on Multiple Embedded and Server Platforms at IBC 2015

Date: September 3, 2015

Author: PathPartnerTech

FREMONT, California and BANGALORE, September 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --
The Key Demonstrations Include HEVC Encoder and Decoder on Intel Server Class Platform and on Texas Instruments Multi Core DSP Platform, and HEVC Decoder on ARM based SoCs and Xilinx FPGA
PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded multimedia software services and solutions, is taking huge steps towards real time delivery of UHD video. Among other demonstrations, we will be showcasing the latest generation HEVC solutions on Intel server class and client (i5, i7) platforms with 4K resolution support, real time encoding and decoding up to 60 fps with bit rate of 16-20 Mbps range utilizing multi core x86 architecture.

HEVC Encoder

  • Supports x86 family platforms with AVX2 extensions
  • Supports Main, Main 10, Main 12, Main 4:2:2 10 and Main 4:2:2 12 profiles at multiple bit rates
  • Real time encoding of 4K @ 30 fps on Intel Xeon (2x18 Haswell cores) at 2.3 GHz for Main and Main 10 profiles with 15% quality deviation compared to HM16

HEVC Decoder

  • Supports x86 family platforms with AVX2 extensions
  • Supports Main, Main 10, Main 4:2:2 10 and Main 4:2:2 12 profiles at multiple bit rates
  • Eight channels decoding at 4K @ 60 fps for Main profile on Intel Xeon (2x18 Haswell cores) at 2.3 GHz
PathPartner is focused on continuous improvement of the quality and performance of both encoder and decoder further to achieve optimized video delivery. We also offer end-to-end solutions for various video applications.
PathPartner also offers highly scalable and multi-channel HEVC Decoder solution on FPGA. The demonstrations at IBC include our HEVC decoder solution on Xilinx Zynq 7000 series All Programmable SoCs. The unmatched error concealment, optimized FPGA resources & memory utilization with ultra-low latency make this decoder suitable for video conferencing, real time video streaming and other low delay applications.

HEVC decoder on FPGA

  • Supports Main, Main 10, Main 4:2:2 10 and Main 4:2:2 12 profiles
  • Real time decoding of 4K @ 30 fps on Zynq 7045 for Main and Main 10 profile
  • Scalable up to 4K @ 60 fps decoding on UltraScale FPGAs
Our HEVC encoder and decoder solution on TI multi core C66x DSP platform supports HEVC Main profile and Main Still profile encoding and decoding of 1080p @ 60fps and 2160p @ 30fps. Apart from this, our solution provides remarkable performance scalability based on number of DSP cores available.
PathPartner's software solution for HEVC decoder on ARM takes advantage of the full capabilities of mobile SoCs built on latest ARM processors. The solution can perform real time decoding of 1080p @ 60 fps and 2160p @ 24fps video streams on quad core Cortex-A15 running at 2.3 GHz. The design fully leverages the media capabilities of the NEON SIMD engine and multi-threading, to exploit data and functional parallelism on ARM Cortex-A CPU cores. The decoder implementation is load balanced and scalable across single and multi-core (up to octal-core) devices.
Our flexible business model and focus on performance and quality has enabled our customers to deploy our HEVC solutions. We are absolutely overwhelmed to demonstrate our products at IBC this year in Amsterdam. Visit our Booth #9.A06, Hall 9 @ IBC 2015.
OEMs looking for licensing of these solutions can reach out to or
About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner Technology based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India, is a leading provider of products and services for multimedia centric devices. PathPartner has extensive experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices focusing on audio & video codecs, video analytics & vision, imaging, multimedia middleware, OS porting, system integration, applications and hardware design. We offer system solutions and services for multimedia centric embedded devices.
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