PathPartner Technology Announces the Release of Automotive Infotainment Solutions and Services

Date: August 11, 2014

Author: PathPartnerTech

PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded multimedia software services and solutions, announces the offerings for Automotive Infotainment. Our expertise in automotive infotainment solutions and services provide a significant advantage for the leading Automotive OEMs.
Why PathPartner?
  • PathPartner is an associate member of GENIVI, member of Car Connectivity Consortium and DCP LLC HDCP 1.x & 2.x adopter licensee
  • We offer design services and licensable software, GENIVI compliant reference In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) implementation, BSPs and Automotive IVI Systems
  • Product development expertise in Automotive Linux and Android, Device Drivers, Multimedia Middleware, Audio, Video and Image decoders
PathPartner’s IVI Solutions
  • ARM optimized implementation of TIZEN IVI solution. Tizen IVI is a open source development platform that enables rich internet and multimedia experience for IVI systems
  • Miracast source and sink solutions with HDCP 2.2 and key security
  • CCC specification compliant implementation of MirrorLink 1.x
  • Optimized BSPs with ultra-fast Boot-up Time, early camera preview and multi-OS in AMP configuration
  • Multimedia decoders like H.264, HEVC /H.265, VP8 and framework plugins
PathPartner’s IVI Services
  • Development and optimization of audio, video and image decoders
  • Multimedia middleware development and integration
  • Multimedia, Graphics and Connectivity performance optimization
  • Android and Linux framework customization
  • Device driver development and optimization
  • System boot-up time optimization and multi-OS in AMP configuration
  • Automotive Linux and Android
  • Applications and UI development
  • CE and Smartphone connectivity: USB, WiFi, Bluetooth integration; Apple MFI integration; MirrorLink implementation
For detailed information, please visit:
OEMs looking for licensing of the solutions or interested in PathPartner’s offerings in automotive infotainment can reach out to sales(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com or sales(dot)usa(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com.
About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner Technology based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India is a leading provider of products and services for multimedia centric embedded devices. PathPartner has extensive experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices focusing on audio & video codecs, video analytics & vision, imaging, multimedia middleware, OS porting, system integration, applications and hardware design. We specialize in addressing challenges faced by leading Silicon vendors, OS providers and ODM/OEMs in their product development.
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