PathPartner Technology Announces the Availability of Solutions and Services for ADAS Market

Date: July 21, 2014

Author: PathPartnerTech

(PRWEB) JULY 21, 2014
PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded multimedia software services and solutions, announces the availability of ADAS solutions. PathPartner specializes in development and optimization of vision algorithms for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and machine vision markets with wide expertise in video analytics domain. PathPartner team possesses in-depth experience in development of video analytics and vision algorithms for several verticals like video security, retail, automotive vision, industrial automation and home security & automation. Our offerings include licensable video analytics & vision algorithms for several embedded processors including vectors cores and image/vision coprocessors.
PathPartner ADAS Solutions Advance Driver Assistance Systems Solutions pave way for safe drive providing the driver with the needed information leading to reduce the impact of accidents. PathPartner has built Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection, Pedestrian Detection and Eye gaze detection algorithms for driver awareness and safety.
Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection PathPartner’s vision based Drowsiness detection system is a natural, non-intrusive technique to monitor the target person’s fatigue or drowsiness. The Drowsiness detection uses a camera to capture the face and runs a complex algorithm for detecting the eyes and sends warning by sounding an alarm when he/she is drowsy. This algorithm is optimized on ARM and DSP based processors and available for different platforms.
Pedestrian Detection PathPartner’s Pedestrian Detection is a real time algorithm that takes input from a moving camera to detect pedestrians (both stationary & moving pedestrians) in the vehicle path and warn the vehicle operator the danger of potential collision via alarm when pedestrian is detected. The algorithm supports handling of occlusions as well.
Eye Gaze Detection PathPartner’s eye gaze detection is a non-intrusive technique that captures the user’s face and detects the direction of the eye. The algorithm carries out detection of face in the image, uses attributes of face for localization of ROI and detects eye using image gradients. The algorithms can be used to monitor the Driver's attentiveness in transport vehicles.
PathPartner ADAS Service offerings
  • Development & validation of ADAS algorithms such as Fog Removal, Surround View, Back Over Prevention (assisting in vehicle Parking), Lane Departure Warning, & Traffic Sign recognition
  • Optimization of vision/ADAS algorithms on ARM, DSP and specialized vision coprocessor architectures
  • System integration of vision algorithms to ADAS or IVI system
  • Development of ADAS application software’s for various use cases such as Stitching images for Surround View, Raw Ethernet streaming, Back Object Detection and other ADAS use cases
  • Automotive platform bring up – adding BSP support for various peripherals such as multiple cameras, HDMI display and Ethernet of ADAS H\W platforms and integrating Operating Systems with the BSP to create SDKs on platforms
  • Adding support for multiple operating systems on single platform for ADAS + IVI use case with or without Hypervisor
  • Ensuring compliance of the software for Automotive standards
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PathPartner’s solutions can be customized based on the need of the OEMs. OEMs looking for licensing of the solutions or interested in PathPartner services can reach out to sales(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com or sales(dot)usa(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com.
About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner Technology based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India is a leading provider of products and services for multimedia centric embedded devices. PathPartner has extensive experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices focusing on audio & video codecs, video analytics & vision, imaging, multimedia middleware, OS porting, system integration, applications and hardware design. We specialize in addressing challenges faced by leading Silicon vendors, OS providers and ODM/OEMs in their product development.
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