PathPartner Technology Announces the Availability of HDR Video Algorithm

Date: July 7, 2014

Author: PathPartnerTech

PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded multimedia software services and solutions, announces the availability of HDR Video algorithm for cameras. Contemporary image sensors cannot reproduce full dynamic range of the scene, causing under or over saturation in the captured image/video due to sensor’s inherent low dynamic range. The team at PathPartner has developed licensable HDR Video algorithm which can overcome this problem by intelligent techniques to achieve best video quality under varying lighting conditions.
Our software-based HDR Video algorithm works with low-cost camera sensors by configuring it to stream video frames with different exposure times or gains, thereby avoiding the need for expensive HDR sensors or multiple cameras. The algorithm generates high dynamic range videos by combining video frames, retaining well-exposed details from each of the low and high exposed frames.
Salient Features
  • No radiance map calculation required
  • No need for tone map to compress the extended dynamic range
  • Auto exposure control to intelligently decide range of exposure times based on scene lighting
  • The algorithm is optimized using OpenCL by utilizing GPGPU to get real-time performance (1080P 30fps)
  • Easily portable to embedded platform/mobile platform with custom access to HAL and low-level camera driver
Availability Currently, PC version of HDR Video solution is available with 5MP USB 3.0 camera module from PathPartner.
OEMs looking for licensing of this solution can reach out to salespathpartnertech(dot)com / sales.usa(at)pathpartnertech(dot)com.
About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner Technology based out of California, USA and Bangalore, India is a leading provider of products and services for multimedia centric-embedded devices. PathPartner has extensive experience in Technology, Engineering & Business practices, focusing on audio & video codecs, video analytics & vision, imaging, multimedia middleware, OS porting, system integration, applications, and hardware design. We specialize in addressing challenges faced by leading Silicon vendors, OS providers, and ODM/OEMs in their product development.
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