PathPartner-Renesas alliance

PathPartner is a proactive Renesas R-car consortium for middleware and consulting. Using high performance platforms from Renesas, we offer the vital software, technology, engineering services and consulting to speed your product design and development.

Diverse experience in working on following Renesas platforms

Renesas Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

RZ Series

RZ/A2M MPUs with DRP Technology

  • The RZ/A2M MPUs features Renesas’ proprietary Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) technology for up to 10 times faster image processing

RZ/G Series MPUs

  • RZ/G Series MPUs extends the capabilities of RZ/A MPUs to deliver high-end performance for graphics, multi-stream video and embedded vision

Automotive SoC

R-CAR Series


  • Can be used as the automotive computing platform for the autonomous-driving era


  • R-Car M3 have been optimized so that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Deep platform expertise

  • IMP-X5 is a powerful programmable multicore Digital Signal Processor on V3H/M SOCs
  • PathPartner has the necessary tools and licenses (e2studio) for porting and development of kernels and vision algorithms on IMP-X5
  • IMP-X5’s SIMD capability can be leveraged to optimize the performance intensive vision algorithms
  • IMP-X5’s multiple cores can also be exploited to quickly accelerate an algorithm using multiple threads
  • IMP-X5’s multi-tiered memory architecture and DMA engines can be leveraged to achieve real time performance of time critical algorithms.
R-CAR V3H/M modules : CVe
  • CV engine on the V3H/M processors is a dedicated programmable vision accelerator
  • CV engine is developed on the lines of OpenCL programming of GPUs.
  • PathPartner has extensive knowledge on OpenCL programming, optimizing real time applications such as HEVC decoder on GPU cores using OpenCL
  • The vision application is to be divided in multiple kernels and work items, to be processed concurrently, achieving a high degree of parallelism
  • CV engine is part of the vision acceleration cluster on the V3H/M and is also used by the CNN framework to run certain layers
  • IMP-X5 processing capability can be augmented by CVe by pipelining tasks in parallel
R-CAR V3H/M modules: CNN
  • CNN accelerator on the V3H/M is a powerful framework to speedup the neural network inference workloads
  • Dedicated CNN IP is present on both V3H and V3M, but the one on V3H is more powerful
  • CNN framework also uses IMP-X5 and the CV engine cores to run specific layers which are not supported on the CNN IP hardware
  • The framework also provides support for using custom kernels
  • PathPartner is studying the feasibility of porting the CNN based Traffic Sign Recognition and Pedestrian Detection algorithms on V3M using the framework
  • The network definitions are to be converted to an intermediate format, which is understood by the Renesas components
  • PathPartner has the necessary tools to port the network definitions in prototxt or TensorFlow formats to the Renesas format, with quantization, without loosing accuracy
R-CAR V3H/M modules : IMR
  • The IMR engine on the V3H/M SOCs is a dedicated accelerator for image distortion correction
  • Programmable IMR engine can be used for common Lens Distortion Correction and also to do the pyramid scaling
  • The engine is very useful as a preprocessor block after the ISP and before any vision processing
  • IMR can be used in 3D surround view applications
  • The pyramid scaled images are very useful in object detection algorithms, where template matching techniques are used


  • Automotive Vision Systems
  • Front View Camera
  • Intelligent Roadside Unit
  • Safe Central computer
  • Surround View
Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Speakers
  • Audio Systems
  • Smart Remote Controls
  • Voice Controlled Devices
  • Toys and Games
  • Service Robot
  • Patient Care/Monitor
  • Diagnostics
  • Patient Safety
  • Factory Automation
  • Imaging
  • Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Human Machine Interface
Home Automation
  • Home Monitoring
  • Smart Home Ecosystem
  • Smart Bath/Kitchen
  • Access Control
  • HVAC & Lighting

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