PathPartner Occupant Monitoring System

Formulated for high accuracy and fast execution, PathPartner Occupant Monitoring System delivers complete AI-based vehicle interior classification. This must-have technology provides live occupancy data with visual and audio alerts when an unattended child or pet is left in the vehicle and comply with legal requirements like Hot Cars Act 2019. Our solution harness machine learning algorithm to enhance the passenger's comfort and safety and simultaneously helps the Automakers achieve a higher safety rating by Euro NCAP. Moreover, we have certified and experienced functional safety managers who can collaborate with your team to meet all the system safety requirements. Our expertise in the embedded and safety concepts allows for a quick transition to ISO 26262.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Life Presence Detection

Reliably detects any lifeform in the vehicle even if the subject is motionless or sleeping

Unattended Child Detection

Detects unattended children, disabled people, pets, objects, and sends instant alerts to avoid a mishap

Infant in CRS Identification

Identifies infants in front and rear seat facing child restraint system even under occlusions or sitting low

Seat Belt Detection

Our deep-learning based network sends seat belt alerts to boost in-cabin safety

Smart Airbag Deployment

Detects occupants’ classification and optimizes airbag deployment

5th Percentile Adult Detection

Detects fifth percentile adult by exercising body-key points technique

Young Child Detection

Determines presence of 3YO & 6YO in seats and booster seats and distinguishes them from the adults

Object Left Behind

Object classification algorithm can detect valuable left-behind items in the cabin using camera sensors

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One Stop Solution

Different cases have different requirements. That’s why our smart sensors that are layered with AI offers a high degree of flexibility while adapting to different models and vehicle interiors.


Our camera-based solution is designed to monitor the occupants of different ethnicity or race in real-time. We use high-quality Infrared/RGB camera sensors with a good FOV, which are effective in any lighting condition. Our integrated solution can detect unattended children or pets, object detections such as keys, wallets etc. It also provides optimized airbag deployment and seat belt detection.


Our radar-based solution showcases a complete classification of the cockpit irrespective of the lighting conditions. It detects child/pet even if they are under any occlusions such as blankets or placed in the footwell and distinguish living from non-living objects even in motion. A highly reliable way for object and life detection, tracking, classification and mapping using signal clusters in real-time. Our algorithm overcomes all of the challenges, such as interference from other radar systems, antennae pattern designs (Rx and Tx), identifying real objects in clutter, executing high performance in a noisy environment, and better angle accuracy for close objects.


This Sensor fusion model not only detects the occupants but also determines age classification and triggers seat belt detection accordingly. Radar’s capability to detect the occupant is much higher in a variety of conditions and can be gainfully combined with the camera’s detection for reduced false alarms, higher FOV, and even higher accuracy!

Choose What Works for You

PathPartner Occupant Monitoring System offers a high degree of flexibility while adapting to various requirements and vehicle types. This tailor-made solution can be implemented in various positions and can be integrated seamlessly with other systems.

Why Us?

Ready to Port

Optimized for a range of auto-grade and other platforms.

Privacy Protection

Our privacy-preserving solution doesn’t store any personal data while monitoring

High Accuracy

Low complexity and high accuracy algorithm for enhanced performance

Evaluation Ready

Our comprehensive in-car evaluation kit is available

RGB-IR for Driver Monitoring and Extended Cabin Features

Camera senors supporting both RGb and IR feed are the new wave in the cabin moitoing application. This opens up the oppurtuinity to utilize IR for machine vision and RGB for human vision application such as video conferencing. How ever most existing ISPs do not support RGB-IR. PathPartner supports leading ISPs with our proprietary pre processing algorithm for RGB-IR sensors.

PathPartner’s preprocessing algorithm for RGB-IR pixel array effectively does the extraction of RGB pixels and IR pixels separately and enables the ISP pipeline to enhance the image quality independently. The algorithm also takes care of removing the interference of IR on RGB data. These independently enhanced images (RGB and IR) enable the user to work on human vision and machine vision applications simultaneously.

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