PathPartner at Mobile world Congress(MWC)- 2014

Date: April 10, 2014

This February, PathPartner had been a part of Mobile World Congress 2014 showcasing the "H.265/HEVC Video Decoder on GPU” solution. The product is one of our foremost software IP's in HEVC domain. The demo received good feedback from the likes Imagination Technologies among others. RSV Prasad, our Vice President of Engineering division says, "Our product was well received by the attendees. In fact few companies that work on similar technology discussed in great depth over the product and gave valuable feedback too." RSV indicates there was a great amount of interest generated in our technologies by companies like Broadcom, Dolby, NVidia, etc
Tushar, PathPartner's CEO, observation was that, "Smartphones have been the traditional draw at Mobile World Conference, but this year wearable tech products created lots of buzz as well. Moreover, many electronics giants chose the conference to make significant wearable technology product announcements." He adds, connected home demos from Qualcomm interested him. Devices like door lock, television, music system, light, fan, refrigerator, Microwave oven, fire alarm, alarm clock, smartphone all are connected. The devices from different vendors were getting seamlessly connecting to each other using "Alljoyn" platform, a peer-to-peer software connectivity and services framework. He noted that LG has done a good amount of progress by coming up with a 120 fps camera, 4K resolution display, video stabilization and bend-able screen display for their mobile.
Similar observation was experienced by Ramki who is the Executive VP for Sales, Marketing and Biz Development. He mentions that there was a clear trend of wearable technologies. He also adds that, the car infotainment systems and Internet of things are a growing trend and he could see their presence very much. So what interested the attendees from our array of products? To which he replies, "There is a strong interest in our company's development in GPGPU domain."
Varun Joshi
Software Engineer

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