PathPartner at Great Indian Developer Summit 2014, Bangalore

Date: April 25, 2014

Author: Varun Joshi

Yesterday, the 23rd of April, two of our associates Keshav Karunakar and Akshay Panday attended the Great Indian Developer Summit 2014 held at IISc Bangalore. There, they demonstrated ppinng!HDR which is one of our foremost apps. Great Indian Developer Summit or GIDS is an annual summit for understanding and evaluating the current India's software developer ecosystem. GIDS is also considered as the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software and standards.

Image 1: Keshav demonstrating PathPartner's ppinng!HDR.

Keshav, our VP of Mobile Apps division, demonstrated ppinng!HDR as an Intel ISV(Independant Service Vendor). The demo was part of Mr. Premchander Rao's talk on "Intel Android Application Showcase and Case Studies" For more information, click here
Here an interesting observation was done by Keshav and Akshay. They compared ppinng!HDR with a top mobile OEM's HDR application. Check the observations.

Image 2: High exposure source file for ppinng!HDR

Image 3: Normal exposure source file for ppinng!HDR

Image 4:Low exposure source file for ppinng!HDR

Image 5: Resulting HDR image from ppinng!HDR

From the images it is clearly visible that
  1. Throughout the source images, people are moving. In the low exposure source image, there is a person walking across the image.
  2. However, in the final image there are no artifacts observed. Also, the final image has a better dynamic range than the normal source image.

Image 6: Resulting HDR image the top OEM's HDR application

The image 6 is the top OEM's default camera application and it produces prominent "ghost" or blurring effect around the subject (the person), when he is moving while presenting.
Now, the whole idea of HDR using multiple source images is always going to have the trade-off of, having a moving subject. In most of the cases this will ruin the image. This has to be dealt in order to present a complete HDR solution.
The top OEM's HDR mode just pops up a message asking you to hold still, but one cannot ask their subject to be still unless it is a portrait session. Kids, pets are always on the move. People you photograph going about their lives will be moving. There cannot be candid photos if you have to ask the subject to stay still.
But PathPartner has achieved the removal of such artefacts. This itself speaks volumes about the thought process and efforts gone into implementing the HDR algorithm by our developers. Kudos to all!

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