PathPartner Driver Monitoring System on Quectel SC600 Module

PathPartner’s Driver Monitoring System meets the needs for computation, intelligence on the edge, data storage, connectivity, imaging, audio and other functional needs for automotive applications, all packed in an extremely small form factor. The Quectel SC600 module makes an optimal choice for such a cost-efficient product. It is one of the driver aide systems that helps in fighting driver drowsiness and distracted driving. Our Driver Monitoring Solution uses a combination of facial recognition and deep learning models across 68 facial landmarks to perform real-time analysis of driver distraction and driver inattention. It is a perfect solution for in-cabin driver safety and fleet management.

Features and Specifications

Driver Identification

Identify driver using Advanced Face Recognition technology for automotive biometrics and personalized in-cabin experience.

Monitors Drowsiness and Distraction

Monitors driver round the clock at real-time using eye, yawn, head and blink statistics and more. It can also detect sabotages and identify unusual scenarios

Audio and Visual alerts

Sends real-time alerts as well as on cloud using audio and LED flashes during drowsiness and distraction detection.

Data Storage for Analysis

Alerts and sabotage acts are recorded as video clips locally and on the cloud to give a comprehensive driver analysis.

Advance in-car Sensing Features

Monitors cabin occupancy and left out passenger such as a child.

Issued Regulations By Safety Authorities

Driver State Monitoring


Seat-belt Reminder


Input to Automatic Airbag suppression

Euro NCAP, FMVSS 208

Why Us?

Higher Accuracy

DL models are specifically trained for NIR images and video sequences which offer unmatched accuracy

More Free Space!

Our algorithms run on DSP & GPU and leave ample space on ARM CPU for custom applications which gives >50% of GPU space for other processing.

Enhanced Drowsiness Detection

High frame-rates of operation accurately measures eyeblink statistics and boosts the accuracy to 94%

Low time to market

Our DMS is already being used in other Quectel based aftermarket Dashcams!

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