PathPartner Driver Monitoring System on NXP IMX8x™ Processor

The main aim of PathPartner Driver Monitoring System is to provide a low cost ready to use solution for a range of in-cabin driver status monitoring application and help the driver remain alert and active. We have created this state-of-the-art auto-grade solution while keeping in mind the comfort of the driver and thereby offering effortless installation and various mounting alternatives to meet the needs!Click here

Our Hardware Platform

Our OmniVision’s OV2311 camera sensor with NIR illumination enables reliable performance under different lighting conditions. The camera module and NXP’s IMX8x ™ based processing unit is attached via high-end automotive-grade FAKRA connector, which offers minimum complexity and maximum efficiency! Also, the 4G network ensures high-speed data connectivity.

Features and Specifications

Monitors Drowsiness and Distraction

Monitors driver round the clock at real-time using eye, yawn, head and blink statistics and more.

Audio and Visual alerts

Sends real-time alerts as well as on cloud using audio and LED flashes during drowsiness and distraction detection

Data Storage for Analysis

Alerts and events are recorded as video clips locally and on the cloud to give a comprehensive driver analysis

Advance in-car Sensing Features

When powered with Radar SDK it monitors cabin occupancy and left out passenger such as a child

Technical Specifications


NXP IMX8x™ - MX 8QuadXPlus
ARM CPU, Quad-Core, 64-bit, 1.2GHz, 1X Cortex-M4F
GPU - 4 -Shader Vulkan GPU
DSP - Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP ,640 MHz


1x 4G/LTE module with GSM 900/1800 and GNSS


1x HDMI 2.0 up to 4096×2160, 60fps


1x FPD Link-III based camera input
1x OV2311 camera sensor unit 1.2Mp


4 GB LPDDR4 RAM (1200 MHz)
16GB eMMC Flash Storage
Flash memory over SD Card 32 GB / 64 GB


1x Audio Jack for Speaker out with 8 ohm 1-watt, 300 Hz to 8kHz frequency range


1x GPS


Accepts KL-15 & KL-30 lines
Supports input voltage range from 10-60 V
Protects from load-dump conditions of vehicle battery


130mm x 100mm Processor + Powerboard – 8 Layers PCB
30mm x 30mm Camera board (OV2311) – 6 Layer PCB


1x µSD Socket, 1x mini-SIM card slot, 2x CAN/CAN-FD, 1x Analog IN Provision


1x USB 3.1 host Type-C

Why Us?

Low Cost Solution

Offering the best in the market product at the lowest price!

Easy Installation

Separate camera and processing unit gives the ease of mounting at various positions such as rear-view camera or A-pillar

Market Proven

Already created success stories with the leading Vendors and Tier 1s

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