PathPartner Demonstrates its Key HEVC and Camera Technologies at Embedded Technology 2016

Date: November 16, 2016

Author: PathPartnerTech

PathPartner Demonstrates its Key HEVC and Camera Technologies at Embedded Technology 2016

November 17, 2016
PathPartner Demonstrates its Key HEVC and Camera Technologies at Embedded Technology 2016
FREMONT, California, Nov 15 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ —
PathPartner Technology, a Leading Provider of Design Engineering Services and Solutions, Exhibits Some of its Technologies Like HEVC Decoders, Driver Monitoring solutions, and Machine Vision Camera Modules
PathPartner Technology, a leading provider of embedded design services and solutions, will be at Embedded Technology 2016 at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, from Nov 16-18. Catch them at Booth A02, as they demonstrate their latest solutions like HEVC decoder on FPGA, Driver Monitoring Systems, and Machine Vision Camera module.
RamKishor Korada, Co-founder and Marketing & Sales Head of PathPartner, said, "PathPartner has been licensing its highly-efficient and scalable products such as HEVC codecs, ADAS algorithmic modules and camera modules and offering product engineering services to OEMs and semiconductor companies for a decade now. Our extensive experience in vision-based and non-intrusive monitoring systems, processor architectures, multimedia systems and system level performance tuning enables us to offer differentiating services and products to customers in an autonomous car, connected camera and robotics markets."
The demonstrations at Embedded Technology 2016 consist of:
HEVC Decoder on FPGA by PathPartner excels on minimal CPU-usage, power-consumption, and physical resource utilization. Their fast decoders perform with least resource utilization at 1080p @120fps/4KP30 on Zynq FPGAs.
Machine Vision Camera Module from PathPartner comes with manual exposure control, hardware trigger mode operation and captures still images and videos at 1.2MP resolution and a frame rate of 54fps.
Driver Monitoring Systems by PathPartner, featuring driver drowsiness and eye gaze detection solution showcase their core competency in Computer vision algorithms and imaging for automotive cameras.
About PathPartner Technology:
Founded in 2006, PathPartner is based out of Bangalore, India and Fremont, California. PathPartner offers design, development and integration services in embedded multimedia technology to solve complex challenges for clients around the world. Licensable multimedia software products and proprietary IPs for vision and connectivity applications to run intelligent systems such as autonomous cars, action cameras, wearable devices, smartphones etc. are our forte.
PathPartner is dedicated to creating next generation multimedia experience through technology-driven execution and quality delivery for leading corporations across industries including automotive, semiconductor, broadcast, medical, cameras, and surveillance.
Usha V
India: +91-8067722000
USA: +1 408-242-7411
SOURCE: PathPartner Tech

PathPartner Tech PathPartnerがEmbedded Technology 2016で自社のHEVC技術とカメラ技術を展示

November 17, 2016
PathPartnerがEmbedded Technology 2016で自社のHEVC技術とカメラ技術を展示
AsiaNet 66543(1473)
【フレモント(カリフォルニア州)2016年11月15日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】 デザイン・エンジニアリング・サービスおよびソリューションの大手プロバイダーであるPathPartner TechnologyがHEVCデコーダー、ドライバー・モニタリング・ソリューション、マシン・ビジョンカメラ・モジュールなどの自社テクノロジーの一部を展示
組込みデザインサービスおよびソリューションの大手プロバイダーであるPathPartner Technologyは2016年11月16-18日に日本のパシフィコ横浜で開催されるEmbedded Technology 2016 (組込み総合技術展)に出展する。展示場所はブースA02。FPGA(製造後に購入者や設計者が構成を設定できる集積回路)上のHEVCデコーダー、ドライバー・モニタリング・システム(Driver Monitoring System)、マシン・ビジョンカメラ(Machine Vision Camera)モジュールなど当社の最新のソリューションのデモンストレーションが行われる。
Embedded Technology 2016でのデモンストレーション対象製品は以下の通り:
▽PathPartner Technologyについて
Usha V
India: +91-8067722000
USA: +1 408-242-7411
ソース:PathPartner Tech

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