Hybrid Thin Client App

Date: July 15, 2013

Author: Srikanth Peddibhotla

Microsoft has standardized the keyboard shortcuts for various operations such as open, new, save, print, cut, copy, paste etc for all the applications in Windows. Hence irrespective of application, one can easily know how to say print the application contents (Ctrl P). This standardization can be a useful tool to develop something that we call “Hybrid” thin clients, specifically in the form of smartphone /tablet applications.
Today, all iOS and Android thin client apps lack a feature to provide these shortcuts to leverage the standard commands defined by Microsoft.
ppinng!Top is a pioneer to leverage this standard commands in providing easy user interface to users. We realized that selecting File or Edit menu and selecting the command can be cumbersome on these touch based devices. Using onscreen soft keyboard is also tough because the default keyboards do not come with Ctrl, Alt, etc keys. Hence we felt the need to provide buttons or application menu options locally as shortcuts to these standard commands (open, new, save, print, cut, copy, paste etc). This makes the application “Hybrid”, in the sense that some of the standard features of all Windows application are provided natively! Since these buttons or menus are part of application, it becomes easier to invoke them. No hassles of invoking the File or Edit menu of the application and then selecting the options.
Well, we have gone two steps ahead!
We allow users to define custom commands and provide them as shortcut buttons or menu options in the application natively. This helps the user to launch favorite and frequently used applications and commands. For example, finance executive may want to open Tally software because that is what he/she generally uses to work. He/she could create custom shortcut commands and run his favorite application on touch of a button. It is much more convenient than probably navigating through the start programs or desktop icons.
We also provide a local UI to launch an application, instead of the user having to press “Window + R” to invoke the RUN prompt and type the application name. Instead, the user just needs to touch a button to launch a native dialog, which takes user input. And ppinng!Top runs that command in remote desktop!
ppinng!Top is truly a “hybrid” thin client!
Watch out for this advanced feature in ppinng!Top app coming soon.

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