NVIDIA Jetson AI Vision Solutions

Embedded AI and Vision Solutions on NVIDIA® Jetson™

PathPartner offers product engineering services for building next-gen AI and vision solutions powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platforms. We offer complete hardware design, embedded software, sensor fusion (camera, radar, lidar), AI/computer vision, and application development services on Jetson for various applications such as smart cameras, automotive, robotics, industrial, and smart cities. Leveraging our in-depth expertise on a range of platforms from Jetson family such as NVIDIA Jetson TX2, NVIDIA AGX Xavier and NVIDIA Jetson Nano, we help you accelerate the development of your AI solutions.

PathPartner is a part of NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem and is a preferred partner for software services, hardware design services, machine vision cameras and AI software development

Service offerings for building AI solutions

Intelligent machines of the future will require reliable perception-analysis-learning capabilities and computational horsepower of a supercomputer. PathPartner’s engineering services coupled with high performance platforms from NVIDIA are designed to help organizations develop next wave of intelligent machines in an accelerated, efficient and reliable manner. We understand the technical constraints of memory footprint, computational operations, power consumption as well as operational aspects of cost and time. Having worked on a range of Jetson™ platforms, we understand what it takes to build the perfect solution for you in a scalable, cost-optimized and timely manner.

Sensing sub-system

Sensor integration, driver development, framework development and customizations

Camera calibration, Image quality tuning and ISP pipeline customization

Custom hardware imaging co-processor programming

Pre-processing algorithm development : Imaging, LiDAR, Radar

Processing sub-system

Data Preparation:

  • Dataset collection
  • Data annotation, verification, augmentation

Algorithm Design:

  • Complexity aware algorithm design including traditional MLs, FF-CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs, CRFs, HMMs etc.
  • Framework selection
  • Model training and inference validation

Embedded Porting:

  • Porting and optimization on embedded platforms
  • Deep compression
  • GPU and co-processor acceleration

System Integration

Application specific system software development and integration : connectivity, display

System optimizations for CPU, memory and power consumption

Application and user interface development

Testing and validation

Our expertise on NVIDIA® Jetson™


Jetson Tegra TX2

Jetson AGX Xavier

Jetson Nano


Ubuntu OS 16.04 and 18.04

Boot-loader, Linux 64/32 bit kernel and drivers for key peripherals

Media APIs: OpenGL, OpenGL ES and EGL

X11 support

Processing Modules

GPU Optimization using CUDA programming

ARM-Neon CPU optimization


CUDA Compiler and Toolkit (GDB, nvprof)

Tegra Graphics debugger

Nsight System Profiler

DeepStream SDK with cuDNN, TensorRT

Issac SDK, JetPack SDK

Ready-to-integrate camera module for Jetson platforms

Pathpartner provides camera module compatible with JetsonTK1,TX1,TX2 platforms. These cameras are interfaced with Jetson through USB and can be streamed through v4l2 based applications (for example, guvcview).

  • OnSemi AR0134 CMOS sensor based module
  • Two variants using AR0134 CMOS monochrome and color sensor
  • Camera is designed for UVC Compliant Plug and Play
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Output format
    • Monochrome camera (PPMVM-AP- 1)-Bayer Raw
    • Color camera (PPMVR-AP- 1)- Bayer Raw
  • Pixel size: 3.75 x 3.75 µm
  • Lens Mount: CS-Mount (Module does not come with a lens)
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Our Software SDKs for NVIDIA Jetson

PathPartner offers pre-trained, ready-to-integrate embedded AI-models as well as imaging algorithms to build smart AI solutions faster.

Facial Recognition & Analytics

A state-of-the-art computer vision algorithm that can detect and recognize faces with wide pose and illumination variations. It also enables demography detection and emotion detection. Available in multiple complexity variants

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Automotive ADAS & AD

A set of algorithms for developing camera-based ADAS and AD solutions. Currently includes models for traffic sign recognition, traffic light recognition, vulnerable road-user detection, road-lane markings and semantic segmentation.

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Radar SDK

High accuracy, real-time and highly reliable Radar SDK for various use-cases such as object detection, tracking, classification and mapping.  Includes algorithms for all components of radar pipeline including direction of arrival, thresholding, clustering and tracking. 

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A library of multiple LiDAR point cloud processing filters for each processing phase like point cloud merger, clustering, tracking, feature extraction and more. Suitable for ADAS, AD and autonomous machine applications

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Imaging Algorithms

Suite of image processing algorithms enhances images under varied conditions and in real-time. The licensable algorithms are suited for a range of applications such as automotive, surveillance, smart cameras, robotics, etc.

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Robotic Vision SDK

A set of algorithms for developing robotic applications including anomaly detection, collision avoidance, semantic segmentation etc.

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Success Stories

Multi-sensor 3D Object Detectionon Nvidia Tegra X2
Point cloud processing on Radar, LiDAR and Camera sensors data

Traffic sign recognition and Pedestrian detection on Nvidia Tegra X2
SSD architecture based integrated DNN on TensorFlow framework

Stereo depth algorithm on NVIDIA Tegra K1
Multi-threaded design. Utilizes ARM & GPU cores.

Image Processing Kernels Optimization on Nvidia Quadro M6000
CUDA optimizations for various image kernel modules

The applications are endless

While the applications of AI and computer vision are endless, here are some of the key applications we are focusing on.


Driver assistance systems
Autonomous driving
In-cabin sensing
Driver monitoring


Collision avoidance
Obstacle detection
3D reconstruction


Access control
Public surveillance
Home security


Anomaly detection
Predictive maintenance
Object classification



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