Multimedia Offerings

Pathpartner has a long legacy of providing high-end services for building embedded multimedia products. We proudly claim that our expertise and solution offerings cover end-to-end or glass-to-glass functional needs of an embedded multimedia product.

Great user experience on an embedded video product like action camera, video surveillance camera, video conference equipment, mobile multimedia player application, wireless baby monitoring product, wireless screen sharing software, lossless medical video processing, in-vehicle infotainment device etc., largely depends on quality of video processing and smoothness in display. Pathpartner offers both end-to-end design services and licensable components for various product verticals.


Embedded Video Applications

Applications for video products range widely and are highly domain/vertical specific. A clear understanding of the domain need is a must. Pathpartner’s years of experience in working with video surveillance and video conference equipment makers has helped us understand this world a lot better. We understand the need for fast-boot (< 1sec), low latency (<15ms), zero overhead copying (< 1ms), slice based capture, etc., rather too well. We’ve leveraged this to the advantage of our action camera and drone customers. Our close association with selected semiconductor companies ensures less time in ramp-up and less $$ spent on reworks. We offer complete range of services from development to maintenance for embedded multimedia applications.

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Multimedia Frameworks

Middleware forms the backbone of a multimedia product. It connects application needs to component services. Pathpartner has extensive experience in:

  • Integrating third-party service components to existing frameworks
  • Customizing open-source or customer specific frameworks to add new use cases
  • Developing performance optimal plugins for compression, vision and processing modules
  • Porting applications based on older version to newer versions of the framework
  • Supporting hundreds of customers on existing SDK for major semicon providers
Our expertise is truly cross platform. We have experience in GStreamer, Android Stagefright, TI Vision SDK, TI EZ SDK and TI IPNC RDK, Qualcom Camera SDK, Qualcom Hexagon SDK etc., We provide development, testing and certification services for multimedia and connectivity frameworks.

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Media Components

Pathpartner is known for multimedia component licensing among broadcast and embedded device makers. We’ve licensed video and audio codecs, parser/muxer/de-muxer components to players from defence, consumer electronics and enterprise AV makers. Pathpartner has licensable HEVC encoder implementation on Intel dual socket E5 server, targeted for broadcast and OTT product makers. We license HEVC decoder on ARM, Intel core i3/i5 and Xilinx Kintex KU040 and Zynq 7030/7045 chipsets. Our decoders are available as gstreamer plugins on Ubuntu and Windows. We provide stand-alone APIs and as OpenMax component for ARM/Android platforms. We offer both binary & source code licensing of HEVC encoder and decoder components. Our HEVC decoder on FPGA supports less than 2ms latency for a multi-slice 4KP30 stream, ideal for VR, VC and Drone applications. We have three patents filled in the video compression and enhancement areas.

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Camera capture

PathPartner has long association with Texas Instruments and Qualcomm on their action, wearable and surveillance camera platforms. We leverage this association to the benefit of our customers. We enable them to bring their products right on time and with minimal rework. Our mission is to provide a "clear vision" to your camera based products. We make and sell hardware camera modules. We've invested on Image quality and ISP tuning, Computational Imaging. We provide Camera drivers development, integration and application development services. Our investments in imaging has enabled us to file patents for our work like USPTO No: 14/627,502, “Intelligent alignment and vivid fusion of differently exposed images for handheld photography”. We continue to make investments in Imaging to ensure only the best from us reaches our clients.

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Display sub-system

Display sub-system, like capture pipeline, is very memory intensive, due to raw video data processing. We understand that DMA needs to be effectively utilized for best system performance. We know that video post processing modules have hyper parameters like filter length, mix down values etc., which affect end user experience. We have worked on HDVPSS for multitude of customers and enabled to achieve best video display quality with multi-stream stitching, color processing accelerators and overlay engines. Pathpartner has been chosen as the certification support partner for a major HDR licensor to AV equipment and systems.

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