Media Components


Pathpartner is known for multimedia component licensing among broadcast and embedded device makers. We’ve licensed video and audio codecsparser/muxer/de-muxer components to OEMs from defense, consumer electronics, and enterprise. Pathpartner has been licensing HEVC encoder implementation on Intel dual socket E5 server, targeted for broadcast and OTT product makers and service providers. We also license HEVC decoder on ARM, Intel core i3/i5 and Xilinx Kintex KU040 and Zynq 7030/7045 chipsets. Our encoder and decoders are available as gstreamer plugins on Ubuntu and Windows OS. We also provide stand-alone APIs and as OpenMax component for ARM/Android platforms. We offer both binary & source code licensing of HEVC encoder and decoder components. Our HEVC decoder on FPGA supports less than 2ms latency for a multi-slice 4KP30 stream, ideal for VR, VC and Drone applications. We have three patents filled and several publications in the video compression and enhancement areas.