Camera capture

PathPartner has long association with many of the leading semiconductor companies like Texas Instruments, Qualcomm on their action, wearable and surveillance camera platforms. We leverage this association to the benefit of our customers who develop camera products based out of these platforms and enable them to bring their products right on time. Our mission is to provide “best image quality” to the camera based products. We have dedicated imaging laboratory with professional equipment and tools that enables us to characterize the camera quality with expert Image quality, ISP tuning and benchmarking approach. We develop and customize algorithms in niche domains like 3D imaging and Computational Imaging apart from traditional digital imaging algorithms. We also offer expert services in camera drivers development, integration and application development. We design and sell reference hardware camera modules that helps our customers to realize their products in domains like machine vison, wearables, robotics etc.
Our investments in imaging has enabled us to file patents for our work like USPTO No: 14/627,502, “System and Method to Align and Merge Differently Exposed Digital Images to Create a HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image”. We continue to make investments in Imaging to ensure only the best from us reaches our clients.
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