Medical Devices

In today’s rapidly changing environment, organizations developing medical devices and healthcare solutions need to consistently ensure that the products they develop incorporate latest technologies in order to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the curve. Their products need to be small, portable, and power efficient on one hand and fast, safe and precise on the other, all of this while complying to regulatory requirements. Advances in technologies for imaging, deep-learning, computing and connectivity are driving the medical world to lap-up innovative and technically intensive medical devices that contribute towards efficient patient care and improved clinical outcomes.

PathPartner, with its rich domain expertise and extensive technological capabilities, enables such organizations to develop technically advanced products in an accelerated, cost-efficient and agile manner.

Our focus areas:

From personal care and fitness to connected healthcare and everything in between, the spectrum of innovation in medical sciences is nothing short of spectacular. PathPartner offers complete product engineering services – from concept to compliance – with focus on following four key areas in this spectrum:

  • Personal care and fitness: Wearables such as sleep apnea detectors and activity trackers, physiological monitors, weighing scales, heart rate monitors, etc.
  • Patient monitoring and diagnostics: Blood analyzers, electrocardiogram, oxygen monitor, endoscopes, patient monitoring devices etc.
  • Medical imaging: CT scanners, ultrasound scanners, X-Rays etc.
  • Connected healthcare: Connected devices (such as implants, scanners etc.) for better surgical outcomes, virtual healthcare assistant, RTLS based inventory management and patient tracking, etc.

Our offerings:

PathPartner offers hands-on experience in engineering FDA compliant medical devices. We provide HIPAA compliant engineering solutions, and have the required process expertise in EMC-IEC 60601-1- 2, Software IEC 62304 and ISO13485. Our end-to- end product engineering expertise covers all aspects of medical device lifecycle from concept to production.

While PathPartner provides product engineering services across product lifecycle, some of the key challenge areas where PathPartner can add value to your product development journey include:

  • Technology selection: With extensive experience in hardware platforms, sensor technologies, connectivity modules, vision processors, and other core components of medical devices, PathPartner is well poised to enable right technology selection for your product – in the first go, without costly reiterations
  • Sensor integration: Having worked on a variety of sensors including MEMS sensors, laser sensors, imaging sensors and low power sensors, we provide sensor integration services spanning sensors hardware integration, device drivers, parameters calibration and tuning.
  • Device miniaturization and portability: through a combination of technology revision, BoM optimization, hardware design and optimizations pertaining to power consumption, boot-up time etc.
  • Imaging solutions: With extensive cross-domain expertise in imaging, PathPartner offers solutions across imaging pipeline – from image capture to rendering – accelerated by our product building blocks such as High dynamic range algorithms, Low light enhancement algorithms etc.
  • Vision solutions: PathPartner develops innovative deep learning based computer vision solutions for medical domain including vision processor selection, algorithm design including convoluted neural networks and implementation and optimizations.
  • Connected product/solution development: We offer services to rapidly transform your traditional products to connected products by product re-engineering to incorporate robust connectivity, cloud backend and mobile applications.

PathPartner team and track record

PathPartner’s team of engineers has years of experience building complex, reliable, low-cost connected embedded solutions including vision based solutions. We understand your requirements and challenges, and work closely with you through the process of delivering your solution – as either turnkey project or just a component of overall solution.

Some of the recent work we have done for our customers includes:

  • Developed an innovative patient-specific Hip alignment navigation system that utilizes micro- sensors, wireless technologies and custom software applications to increase the precision in alignment and fitment of orthopaedic implants during the flow of THA (Total Hip Arthroplasty) surgical procedure. PathPartner provided product engineering services, from taking the concept to product, while working on key constraints such as technology feasibility, device cost/miniaturization, precision requirements, & certification needs. The product successfully passed comprehensive cadaveric studies and is currently undergoing FDA certification
  • Developed a real-time location detection kit based on Decawave’s DW1000 chip, STM32 L476 microcontroller, sensors such as IMU, pressure and temperature for a customer. The Kit can be used to enable location tracking of patients and critical medical equipment from a remote location.
  • Enabled development of a molecular air purifier for homes, clinics and hospitals. PathPartner worked on system architecture, development of device firmware, Wi-Fi connectivity integration, cloud backend integration as well as system optimizations to transform a traditional device to a connected solution.
  • Supported a tier-1 medical devices organization on several algorithmic and optimization aspects:
    • Resolved an issue of video blanking during boot-up of device
    • Optimized DSP algorithms pertaining to ultrasound
    • Integrated image and pressure sensors, and managed data flow for eye diagnostics
    • Optimised device boot-up time by 8x through system optimizations

The PathPartner Advantage

With its rich domain expertise and extensive technological capabilities, PathPartner is well poised to be your partner in developing innovations for the medical world. Whether you are looking for enhancing legacy devices, developing IoT enabled solutions or simply optimizing components, PathPartner has a solution for you. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.