Video Systems

Be it surveillance, security, video conferencing, entertainment, or even smart retail, video systems are ubiquitous. From adding life to entertainment to making security more reliable, video enables manufacturers to add new dimensions to their products. However, developing video systems from scratch is inherently challenging – from video quality to streaming latency and from performance to interoperability, the challenges are profound. PathPartner, with a rich legacy in developing video security systems, provides solutions from “capture to consume” cycle of multimedia content.

Develop Video Systems That Goes Beyond Security

At PathPartner, we provide the intelligent video solutions that go beyond the today’s security demands and deliver proper monitoring and compliance as per the changing requirements. We believe that the ability to interpret the huge amounts of video data enables the customers to improve the security level and offers clear business advantages to companies as well.

Video processing
  • Video codecs and components
  • Performance optimization
  • Image processing
Video streaming
  • Streaming stack development (MPEG DASH, HLS, RTSP etc.)
  • End-to-end latency optimizations, Boot-time optimization
Video Analytics
  • Algorithm development and optimization
  • Data preparation for training and validation
  • Real time implementation of networks on embedded processors
Hardware & Firmware
  • BSP, board bring-up & Driver integration
  • Multi-layer PCB layout and fabrication
  • Performance optimization, testing & certification
Image Quality (ISP) Tuning
  • Camera sensor integration
  • Camera calibration, ISP pipeline customization
  • Custom Imaging algorithms
  • UI/ UX design
  • Framework customization
  • App development

Our Offerings Span a Wide Range of Video Systems

PathPartner offers one-stop-product engineering services for a wide range of security video systems and video streaming devices. Right from deploying intelligent video analytics into existing traditional video systems to providing highest quality videos with resolutions up to 4K ultra HD with rich connectivity and interoperability, we have it all.

  • Customer count
  • Customer behaviour tracking
  • Employee management
  • Collision avoidance
  • Anomaly detection
  • 3D mapping for the surroundings
  • Camera tamper detection
  • Threat and intrusion detection
  • License plate recognition
  • Activity classification
  • People counting
  • Background separation
  • Gesture recognition
  • Asset tracking
  • Human detection
  • Drowsiness detection
  • Eye gaze tracking
  • Pedestrian detection

PathPartner Video Conferencing Solution

PathPartner delivers the highest-quality video meeting experiences by providing complete multimedia pipeline solutions supporting HD video quality, crystal-clear audio and various latest features which are easy-to-integrate across any device on heterogenous platforms.

Efficient Multimedia Features
  • Audio processing pipeline integration such as beamforming, acoustic echo canceller, double talk detector, voice activity detector, dynamic noise removal
  • End-to-end low latency, system level performance optimization, boot-time optimization, bandwidth adaptation, and audio-video synchronization on Android, Linux, Windows, etc.
Image Quality Tuning
  • Efficient camera calibration and image quality tuning for parameters like sharpness, noise, colour accuracy, dynamic range & algorithms like 3A tuning, HDR, low-light
  • Providing better experiences with 4K HD video support, foreground background separation on various platforms from TI, Qualcomm, Tensilica, NXP, etc.
Feature Enhancements
  • Improving meetings with video analytics IPs such as activity classification, gesture recognition, people counting and more

Our Success Stories across Video Systems

Video conferencing

Reducing end-to-end latency in camera system for video conferencing on TI multi-core AM5728 SOC

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DVR, NVR & Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics for lane monitoring, embedded intelligence for DVR/ NVR devices on HiSilicon SoC

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Wireless Camera

Connected home monitoring camera for remote viewing and monitoring on Ambarella processor platform

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Live Video Streaming

Capture HDMI output from multiple cameras and then stream it over Wi-Fi network on TI DM385 platform with Linux OS

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SIP Video Phone

Implementation of SIP based video conferencing solution on TI’s DM36x platform with Linux based DVSDK

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Gesture & Face Recognition

An application that controls the VLC player through hand gestures & face detection on Intel PCSDK

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Packaging Inspection

AI-based packaging inspection solution for their food packaging line to detect any sort of packaging defects

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Action Cameras

Firmware development for connected action cameras that support quick boot-up, shorter speed, and low power consumption on TI SoC

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Drone Cameras

Low latency streaming solution for an American drone manufacturer on TI SoC with ARM, DSP and accelerators

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Ready to build your next gen video system?

Work with us!

Expansive platform experience

Leading platforms from ARM, STMicro, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Intel, NXP, ADI, Qualcomm and more

Existing building blocks

Optimized multimedia components on multiple platforms

Optimized imaging components on multiple platforms

Existing infrastructure

Expansive video test suite for a range of applications

In-house imaging test lab

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