Smart Home Solutions

PathPartner offers full-stack product engineering services for developing Smart Home devices. Whether you are looking for turnkey solutions or need support in improving your existing solutions, a system integrator or an OEM, you are bound to find a perfect fit in us. We are just one email away from building the right solutions for you.

Our Smart Home experience includes

Home Security & Safety

Integrated home security and safety systems including video door bells and smart locks are gaining significant mind share. We develop custom solutions spanning smart sensing, algorithms for imaging, audio, connectivity, machine learning and system optimizations and enhancements. Related projects at a glance –

Home Monitoring Camera
RSTP & MQTT protocols implemented

Refining the captured video & audio quality and enhancing battery life. Performed EVT, DVT and PVT to review the product functionality.

Licensable Face-Recognition Solution
Built on CNN-based deep learning models

Works seamlessly on various facial attributes and environmental conditions, Optimized on a range of embedded platforms.

Smart Access Control System
With UWB based Tags

Built on i.MX8 mini as the main control unit, the solution can be customized to fit the end user's requirements.

Connected Kitchen & Bath

Automation of kitchen and bath fixtures, remote controllability and ease of operation is at the heart of a connected Kitchen & Bath ecosystem. Our offerings in this area range across iot enablement, app integration, sensor integration, prototype designing and more. Related projects at a glance –

Smart Kitchen/Bath accessories
Based on Time of Flight (ToF) technology

Automating the control of Bathroom water inlet valves based on distance from some object.

Gesture controlled Switches
Based on ToF technology

Controlling the switches with gestures rather than having to touch them. Built for a Smart Mirror and a Smart Monitor.

Home Wellness

Child and elderly monitoring inside a home is a significant aspect of a smart home. Robust motion detectors, camera-based monitoring and use of technologies such as radar/ToF are defining the evolution of smart home wellness solution. Related projects at a glance –

Baby/Elderly Monitoring Camera
4G LTE Modem Integration

Enhancing the quality of the captured video and reducing power consumption.Addition of Cellular and WiFi connectivity and PIR sensing.

Remote Monitoring for Elderly
Using UWB based DW1000 chip

Taking care of elderly with one of the most accurate tracking technologies for confined regions. Use-cases include navigation, geo-fencing etc.

Fall Detection System
Based on TI's mmWave sensor

High accuracy, Modular, real-time, highly reliable and easily portable solution with our Radar SDK.

HVAC & Lighting

Smart heating, ventilation, air conditioning & lighting systems are at the forefront of an efficient home systems. We enable our customers deliver energy saving, convenience, great user-experience, predictive maintenance, adaptive ambience control and more by developing custom solutions. Related projects at a glance -

Apple HomeKit for Smart Lighting
On Texas Instruments platform

Turning any home device into Apple HomeKit certified device and enabling its control by Siri and Apple Home app

IoT Enabled Air Purifier
Low power MCU with BT and WiFi connectivity

Turning any home device into a remote-controlled device for convenient and safe operations

General convenience

Most of the home devices are becoming smart and connected. We accelerate the transformation journey of our customers from traditional home devices to smart+connected devices. Our offerings span complete technology stack of smart devices. Related projects at a glance –

Object Detection & Avoidance
Based on 3D ToF sensor

Precise obstacle detection as a part of home automation in devices like vacuum cleaner etc.

Physically Secured Computer
Based on Maxim’s MAX32550 MCU

Designing architecture of tamper-proof secure computer. Implementation of two secure MCUs, another being ST54D for Key Fob authentication.

Home Multimedia & A/V Systems

A smart home demands seamless audio/video streaming, voice-controlled devices and connected ecosystems. Our relevant offerings range across audio/video/speech processing, multimedia frameworks, voice-assistant integrations, cloud integrations and performance optimizations. Related projects at a glance -

High Performance Digital Audio SDK
Based on Dolby and DTS technologies

Porting and optimization of Dolby & DTS technologies for consumer devices. Providing support for product certifications.

Smart TV & STB
Based on Android DTV stack

Enhancement and optimization of DTV stack including integration of OTT services. Development of multimedia applications on Android.

Voice Assisted Smart Device

Alexa, Google assistant, Siri are the popular names that come to our minds when we talk about voice assistants. But integrating them into smart devices has its own challenges. We help our clients develop, productize & maintain the integration of voice-assistants with smart home devices. In this video, we shall see how we integrated Alexa voice commands into a smart fan device.

Our Expertise in Smart Home Solution Engineering


Wired: USB, Ethernet, HDMI; Wireless: WiFi, BT/BLE, NFC, GPS,UW


Symmetric/Asymmetric encryption algorithm Secure-boot, identity protection, duplication avoidance


Pressure, temperature, humidity, PIR, vibration, MEMS sensors, camera, Precision distance, Angle measurement


AWS, AWS IoT, Dashboard for Data Analytics


Imaging, Machine Vision and Sensor Fusion; Algorithm Optimization for different embedded platforms


Ultra-low-power microcontrollers; Power Optimal Designs


Prototype Design (Schematics, PCB Layout, Fabrication & Assembly); Hardware design complaint to DFM

BSP/Device Drivers

OS: Linux, Android, RTOS, RIOT; Different processor-based SoCs (including ARM-based Socs)

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