Smart Audio Systems

As new age technologies seep into consumer lifestyle, audio devices need to re-invent themselves. Consumer and professional audio systems need to support premium audio quality, seamless wireless streaming from any source, voice assistance, cloud connectivity and an impressive feature list to differentiate themselves from competition. PathPartner, with its legacy in developing media centric products for OEMs coupled with ready-to-use solution accelerators and ecosystem partnerships, is well poised to be your trusted partner in your audio system development journey.

Overcome smart audio device development challenges with our end-to-end expertise

Enhancing audio experiences
  • Building 3D immersive audio experiences through implementation of technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS-X on various embedded SoCs
  • Developing customized audio processing pipeline for various use-cases using android audio, GStreamer, Stagefright and custom frameworks
Enabling wireless and smart functionalities
  • Integration of wireless connectivity & streaming solutions over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Enabling cloud connectivity and remote control of speaker systems
  • Integration into home-automation platforms such Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa
Enabling voice- assistant integrations
  • Building speech pre-processing pipeline for multi-mic systems including beam-forming algorithms
  • Integrating with voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, OK Google
Feature enhancements
  • Integrating various sensors such as temperature/humidity/MEMS etc.
  • Integrating speaker protection algorithms to audio pipelines on various platforms from TI, Qualcomm, Tensilica, NXP etc

Smart audio engineering success stories

Digital audio SDK development

Developed a high-performance digital audio SDK on a leading SoC by providing one-stop product engineering services focusing on the consumer audio market.

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Smart functionalities enablement

Enablement of Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communication and development of mobile application to control the Smart TV for an American SOC chip manufacturer for digital media products.

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Dolby certification

Integration of Dolby Decoders and Post Processing components required for Dolby certification, added audio playback features and ran Dolby Atmos for AVRs.

Multi-mic array

Complete hardware and firmware development for audio box including the multi mic array for meeting room automation using MEMS based omnidirectional microphones for Video Conferencing.

AEC, Beamforming algorithm development

Porting, optimization and integration of AEC, Beamforming algorithm, third party mic-array processing algorithm and algorithm tuning support on different SoCs for a leading smart devices provider.

Development of audio pre/post processing algorithm

Developed, ported, integrated and optimised Audio/speech codecs, Audio Pre/post processing algorithm, Dolby/DTS decoders on multiple chipsets for various leading semiconductor majors.

State-of-the-art audio lab for one-stop solution

Dedicated Audio lab with Hardware and software tools for listening, recording, playback & simulation tests covering Objective and Subjective analysis.

Lab applications
  • 32-channel audio playback
  • Multi-mic array recording
  • Simulation of echo
  • Surround sound playback
  • Background noise addition
  • Audio quality tests
  • Beam forming test suite
  • Test cases for far field speech
  • Acoustic echo test cases
Lab features
  • 32-channel listening room
  • 2 channels for lab workstations
  • 4 digital woofer provision
  • 2700 cubic feet of audio volume
  • Provides 96 db of acoustic isolation

Ready to build your next gen audio system?

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Expansive platform experience

Leading platforms from ARM, STMicro, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Intel, NXP, ADI, Qualcomm and more

Existing building blocks

Optimized audio processing and post processing algorithms on multiple platforms

Technology partnerships

Extensive experience in integration and pre-certification of Dolby and DTS technologies

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